Venezuela's Guaido would probably accept US military intervention if proposed: paper

Venezuela's Guaido would probably accept US military intervention if proposed: paper

Venezuela's Guaido would probably accept US military intervention if proposed: paper

The lawmakers say National Assembly Vice President Edgar Zambrano was in his vehicle when it was surrounded by heavily armed police outside his Democratic Action party's headquarters Wednesday.

The dramatic scene ended with the vehicle being towed away to a notorious prison at the headquarters of the Venezuelan secret services.

Edgar Zambrano, deputy speaker of the opposition-majority National Assembly, is being held in preventive detention for "the flagrant commission of the crimes of treason, conspiracy and civil rebellion", the Supreme Court said in a statement announcing the verdict of a lower court.

The vice president of Venezuela's opposition-run parliament was arrested by secret police in Caracas on Wednesday, the first arrest in an apparent crackdown on opposition leaders involved in a failed revolt against Nicolás Maduro last week. Tensions escalated further after the assassination attempt on Maduro in August 2018.

The 64-year-old's auto had been surrounded outside his Democratic Action Party's headquarters before it was towed, with him still in it, to the notorious Helicoide prison.

Maduro is refusing to pay because Guaido controls Citgo now, and the PDVSA bond is backed by shares in the United States refiner.

An attempted uprising last week led by Guaido, recognized by the United States and other Western countries as the rightful head of state, failed to dislodge Maduro, as have a series of USA sanctions against his government.

Guaido, who is recognized as Venezuela's interim president by more than 50 countries, was also stripped of his immunity on April 2. "If he is not immediately freed, there will be consequences", the embassy tweeted.

Three others - Richard Blanco, Mariela Magallanes and Americo De Grazia - have sought refuge in the Argentine and Italian embassies in Caracas.

It was not yet clear if Mr Zambrano was already at the Helicoide. Maduro, who was re-elected past year in a disputed vote, has presided over an economic collapse and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

Edgar Zambrano, vice presidente of the Venezuelan National Assembly.

Maduro has appeared to let Guaido wage a campaign against him following USA warnings that there would be severe repercussions if he took action against his foe.

The ANC revoked the legal immunity for seven members of the National Assembly on Tuesday who had participated in the failed coup, including Zambrano.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the USA has a "full-scale set of options" to resolve the Venezuelan crisis, claiming that any actions that the U.S. takes in the country would be "lawful". Late Wednesday, Zambrano was detained by members of Venezuela's intelligence agency.

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