Huawei CFO hopes to avoid U.S. extradition after Trump’s ‘corrosive’ comments

Huawei CFO hopes to avoid U.S. extradition after Trump’s ‘corrosive’ comments

Huawei CFO hopes to avoid U.S. extradition after Trump’s ‘corrosive’ comments

Her lawyer, Scott Fenton, also said comments by President Donald Trump about the case amounted to "political abuse".

Canada arrested Meng, the daughter of Huawei's founder, on December 1.

They should disqualify the US from seeking Meng's extradition, he said, adding that no jury, properly instructed, could find her guilty of fraud.

After the arrest, Trump told Reuters he would intervene in the USA case against Meng if it would help close a trade deal with China.

Meng's lawyers will also look for a stay in the proceedings by saying she was searched and interrogated before being told she was under arrest. They also plan to question "double criminality", disputing that what the USA alleges she did - lied to banks to trick them into conducting transactions for Huawei that may have violated US sanctions - constitutes a crime in Canada. "We have maintained that her USA -ordered arrest was an unlawful abuse of process - one guided by political considerations and tactics, not by the rule of law", he said. Days later, two Canadians - Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor - were detained in China in apparent retaliation.

The limited scope of an extradition hearing means the Crown's disclosure obligations are different from domestic prosecutions, so it's up to the defence to prove they're entitled to more, he said.

Meng's next court appearance is set for September, but it's still unclear when extradition proceedings will begin.

Meng was released from jail in December on C$10 million ($7.5 million) bail and must wear an electronic ankle bracelet and pay for security guards.

Huawei Technologies Co.'s chief financial officer is set to return to a Vancouver courtroom Wednesday ahead of planned extradition hearings as deteriorating relations with China over her arrest exact a growing toll on Canada.

Meng's lawyers also plan to argue that the accusation that she breached USA sanctions against Iran does not constitute a crime in Canada. It added: "Third, it was revealed that the arrest of Ms. Meng violated a core principle of the Canada - US Extradition Treaty and Canadian extradition law - because the allegation she faces is not a crime in Canada.

Ms. Meng will apply to the court, asking the RCMP, CBSA, and DOJ to disclose more evidence on this matter", said Huawei.

John Gibb-Carsley, lawyer for the Attorney General of Canada, asked Justice Heather Holmes to allow the case to proceed as quickly as is fair and possible. She'll be just two doors down from the USA consul general's residence, where the star-spangled banner flaps on the front lawn. The diplomatic row appears to have has spilled over into the economic arena: China has banned Canadian canola shipments worth billions of dollars. Therefore, they argue, the extradition request does not satisfy the "double criminality" requirement, because she has not broken Canadian law.

A top Chinese telecom executive whose arrest in Canada on a U.S. warrant triggered a bitter diplomatic row vowed Wednesday to vigorously fight extradition to the US. Meng plans to relocate on Saturday, according to an affidavit filed by her bail monitor.

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