‘Empire’ series cancelled after Season 6, but will Jussie Smollett return?

‘Empire’ series cancelled after Season 6, but will Jussie Smollett return?

‘Empire’ series cancelled after Season 6, but will Jussie Smollett return?

Fox announced that the drama-filled series' upcoming sixth season will be the show's last.

Pressed for a direct answer on whether Smollett could return to the show, Collier echoed that Fox has "no plans for that", but ultimately said it was too early to call: "The writer's room hasn't even gathered yet", he said.

Collier says the network wants to give "Empire" a big send-off and that's the focus. Smollett was accused of faking a hate crime attack against himself in Chicago. He was eventually indicted for disorderly conduct, but all charges against Smollett were controversially dropped.

He also announced that the show is moving to Tuesdays for its final season, putting it up against juggernaut This Is Us.

However, it's still unclear if one Lyon, in particular, will be featured in that final bang-Jussie Smollett's character, Jamal Lyon.

We looked at our priorities and were trying to prioritize giving Empire the send-off it deserves. Last month, Fox Entertainment announced Smollett would not return to the series next season in the wake of allegations by Chicago officials the actor lied about a supposed racially motivated attack. Collier said on the call that the decision to end Star was "difficult". The ensuing friction might be one reason that Fox is less than enthusiastic about dealing with Empire for more than one more season regardless which way they go on Smollett.

Fox's second new fall drama is "Not Just Me", which will air out of the unscripted hit "The Masked Singer" in the Wednesday 9 p.m. slot recently vacated by "Star".

Jussie Smollett's future on "Empire" remains in limbo. "Most importantly he is grateful to Fox and "Empire" leadership, cast, crew and fans for their unwavering support". As Deadline reported last month, Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard were among the cast members who asked, in a lengthy letter to Fox execs and the show's producers, that the actor be brought back to the show.

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