Chapter 2 Trailer Brings The Losers' Club Back To Derry

Chapter 2 Trailer Brings The Losers' Club Back To Derry

Chapter 2 Trailer Brings The Losers' Club Back To Derry

The Warner Bros. goes ahead on Youtube and released the first teaser trailer of IT Chapter 2.

While the first film followed the children of the Loser's Club, It: Chapter Two sees Pennywise the Dancing Clown terrorizing them as adults. But then a devastating phone call brings them back and signals the return of the malevolent entity called Pennywise, who is the least amusing clown since the Joker brought his punchlines to Gotham City. It seems that Pennywise's influence has already spread as there are red balloons and weird happenings all over the small town. The losers' club also includes Mike as Isaiah Mustafa, Stanley as Andy Bean, Eddie as James Ransone and Ben as Jay Ryan.

Although we do not see as much as we'd like in this trailer, it is just a teaser.

It stars a whole new cast including Split's James McAvoy and Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain.

Staring off innocently enough, she asks the elderly homeowner about family pictures in the home, before it culminates into a nightmarish scene where Beverly soon realises Pennywise is lurking within the house. No one who dies here ever really does, " and then seeing a chest wound seconds later as she fans out her blouse.

He also confirmed that adult Beverly (Jessica Chastain) will be the victim of domestic violence.

The original starred Tim Curry as circus clown Pennywise, the most common form of a shape-shifting creature simply known as "It".

An actual shot of pennywise in his common form however is shown only at the end of the trailer.

IT Chapter Two creeps into theaters on September 6.

First of all, the visual representation of the adult actors as grown-up counterparts of the young kids from the first movie works wonderfully-especially Hader as a grown-up Finn Wolfhard. They got their wish in 2017 when Andy Muschietti brought the story back to life with a film that broke box office records and became the biggest horror movie of the year.

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