White House On Mueller Team ‘Concerns’ With Barr Letter: ‘Sore Losers’

White House On Mueller Team ‘Concerns’ With Barr Letter: ‘Sore Losers’

White House On Mueller Team ‘Concerns’ With Barr Letter: ‘Sore Losers’

"They want to redact the Mueller report before they provide it to congress", Nadler said at committee meeting before the vote on Wednesday.

The US Justice Department is defended its handling of special counsel Robert Mueller's report examining contacts between President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and Russian Federation as it faced increased pressure to make the document public. Barr has pledged to share a redacted copy of the almost 400-page report with congress and the public by mid-April.

Mueller's team wrote the summaries "in a way that minimum redactions, if any, would have been necessary", assuming that they would be made public and there was "immediate displeasure" when they read how Barr characterized their work, a USA official told the Post. The Barr summary said Mueller did not establish that the Trump campaign conspired with Russian Federation but also did not exonerate the president on obstruction of justice.

The Democratic-led House Judiciary Committee voted along party lines Wednesday to authorize subpoenas for Mueller's full report after the Justice Department missed a Democrat-imposed deadline Tuesday.

Barr said he was continuing to work with Mueller's office on redactions to the report so that it could be released to Congress and the public. The authorization does not issue subpoenas, but gives the panel the option to do so should they feel it necessary.

But House Democrats are moving to subpoena the Justice Department for a full, unredacted copy of the report, saying that they need all the information to appropriately conduct oversight of the executive branch.

Some investigators are also concerned that Barr's review of the report has already shaped the public's perception of the probe before the full report has been released.

But Collins slammed the chairman for preparing subpoenas for individuals who have been cooperating with the committee, and seeking documents from them that were under control of the White House. The Justice Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But he emphasized that he shared their interest in transparency, and would try to release the report by mid-April.

Hours earlier, Trump blasted the New York Times report in a tweet, claiming it was based on "no legitimate sources" because speaking about the Mueller report "would be totally illegal". "And with respect to Trump-Russia collusion, Bob Mueller has said there are no witches", said Representative John Ratcliffe, a Texas Republican, referring to Trump's repeated labelling of the Mueller investigation as a "witch-hunt".

The demonstrations, organized under the banner "Nobody Is Above the Law", came as the House Judiciary Committee prepared to subpoena the report and supporting information if Barr did not voluntarily release the documents.

That wasn't good enough for the protesters, who assembled at more than 300 locations, including five in New Jersey and across from the White House on Thursday. He also said Mueller reached no conclusion on whether Trump obstructed the federal investigation, instead setting out "evidence on both sides" of the question. Mueller's mission was to investigate whether the President and his people committed crimes.

As a reminder, Special Counsel attorneys are working with Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on redacting material unable to be lawfully released.

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