What a Designated Terrorist IRGC Could Mean for the US

What a Designated Terrorist IRGC Could Mean for the US

What a Designated Terrorist IRGC Could Mean for the US

Politicians in Iran wore uniforms of the Revolutionary Guards in parliament on Tuesday in protest at the United States decision to classify the nation's military wing as a foreign terrorist organisation.

Wearing the uniform of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, lawmakers chant slogans during an open session of parliament in Tehran, Iran, Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is now on the USA foreign terrorist organisations list, along with the likes of ISIS and Al Qaeda.

"US decision to label the Guards as a terrorist group was the peak of stupidity and ignorance of the U.S. leadership", Fars quoted parliament speaker Ali Larijani as saying.

Monday's USA move, formally under the State Department's purview, has been made as part of the White House's increasingly aggressive strategy towards Iran.

The US had already blacklisted dozens of entities and people for affiliations with the Revolutionary Guards, but not the organisation as a whole.

Iran responded by designating all U.S. forces as terrorist, and labelling America a "supporter of terrorism". In direct response to Washington's decision, Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) reciprocally declared the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) "all its affiliates" to be terrorists, a point they continued to emphasize today.

The IRGC has been implicated with terrorist plots against the US military and funding other known terrorist organizations such as Lebanese Hezbollah.

Iraq's prime minster says his government tried to stop the USA from labelling Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps as a "foreign terrorist organization", saying the designation could have negative consequences for Iraq and the Middle East.

Pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC also applauded President Trump for the move.

The U.S., Rouhani said, is the "head of global terrorism" and Trump's sanctions have only inspired Iran to make more strides in new missiles and weapons technology. The complications of the new Iraq involve its transformation into a space of common Iranian and American influence - and also a struggle that has become a war by proxy, mounting as the differences between the two countries grow.

Iran's president has branded the USA the "leader of world terrorism" as the theocracy responds to President Donald Trump's classification of the country's Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization.

"We oppose power politics and bullying by any countries", China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said when asked about the USA designation.

She said the terrorist organization "controls the lion's share of Iran's economy". The Emirati official also stated that the "ensuing instability" resulting from American efforts to oust Iran's regime "will create serious problems for the region". In so designating such an arm of the Iranian government a terrorist outfit, it stymies trading done with any Iranian entity from powers in the worldwide scene untidy.

The US move was also welcomed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who thanked Trump for "serving the interests of our countries and of countries in the region".

"Who are you to label revolutionary institutions as terrorists?"

They added that "Iran is the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, and the IRGC is the primary vehicle through which the regime funds terror organizations and proxies overseas".

Iran has constantly warned the USA of its capability, claiming that the state has missiles capable of striking from 1,200 missiles away.

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