Tesla to stop selling $35000 Model 3 online

Tesla to stop selling $35000 Model 3 online

Tesla to stop selling $35000 Model 3 online

When Musk announced in February that Tesla would finally start making a $35,000 version of the Model 3, he also warned that the company would probably lose money in the first quarter (Tesla will report results on April 24). In Germany, Tesla is charging a base price of 44,500 euros (plus a handling fee of 980 euros) for this version, which offers a WLTP range of 415 km. The $35,000 Standard Range model - the one with cloth seats where black is the only free color - has been removed from Tesla's site, meaning it's only available to order via phone or a trip to an actual Tesla store.

On its ordering website, Tesla's default options are for customers to make a $3 000 down payment and spend a total of $4 199 at signing of a three-year, 10 000-mile annual lease.

Opting for the Standard Range Model 3 via software limitation also disables various features including the onboard music streaming service navigation with live traffic, and heated seats. Just like in the US, the entry-level version with a range of 386 kilometres has added Tesla's semi-autonomous driving technology as part of its standard equipment list.

So how much does a Tesla Model 3 really cost? For example, Model 3 Standard Plus used to cost $37,500, plus $3,000 for the Autopilot option.

In addition, Tesla says you'll have to either call them or visit a store to buy the Model 3 Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive. Customers in the United States can choose from 10,000, 12,000 and 15,000 mile annual usage options, depending on your driving needs and budget.

As for the $35,000 Model 3. Buyers do have the option to unlock those features at a later date, though, essentially upgrading the auto from Standard Range to Standard Range Plus. "It now costs $39,500, with Autopilot included".

It's important to highlight that "customers who choose leasing over owning will not have the option to purchase their vehicle at the end of the lease".

However, unlike other leasing programs, Model 3 customers will not be able to buy their vehicle following the conclusion of the leasing term, as Tesla plans to use these vehicles in its upcoming ride-hailing network in conjunction with full autonomy. The electric automaker announced that deliveries of the Standard range model will begin as soon as this weekend. These prices are what Tesla estimates the auto will really cost after incentives and gas savings.

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