Sudanese Demonstrators Surround Army General's Vehicle in Protest Against Takeover

Sudanese Demonstrators Surround Army General's Vehicle in Protest Against Takeover

Sudanese Demonstrators Surround Army General's Vehicle in Protest Against Takeover

Mr Ibn Ouf said the country had been suffering from "poor management, corruption, and an absence of justice" and he apologised "for the killing and violence that took place".

LATEST from a 2nd insider: there is now a meeting underway at the Military Command HQ between spy chief Gosh, RSF/Janjaweed leader Hemidti, Defence minister & current VP Awad Ibn Auf & head of the police, discussing who will lead transitional High Council of Armed Forces.

In the wake of the coup, global human rights groups urged Sudanese military authorities to hand over the 75-year-old al-Bashir to the worldwide Criminal Court, where he faces charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide for his deadly campaign against insurgents in the country's Darfur region.

Analysts said those demands aren't likely to be met by the powerful security establishment.

Gen. Awad Mohammed Ibn Auf, the vice-president and defence minister who was appointed by Bashir before announcing the president's removal on state TV, is "very much a symbol of the regime", said Ahmed Soliman, a research fellow at the United Kingdom -based think-tank Chatham House.

CBC explains how Sudan got to this point and what might happen next.

Observers say although it remains unclear what the armed forces will announce, it appears as though the army has chose to support the protesters.

GDP per capita is less than $4,500 USA per year and the unemployment rate is 20 per cent, according to U.S. government data.

Omar al-Bashir was ousted from power by the military following months of civilian protests against his 30-year rule.

"We will only accept a transitional civilian government", Sennar told Reuters.

Haim Malka, senior fellow and deputy director of the Middle East Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), said regimes have been "slow to grasp and adjust to a combination of demographic, technological and economic shifts".

It is now up to the Sudanese people - both at home and overseas - to counter the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood. Thousands have been jailed.

In a nutshell, the Muslim Brotherhood-backed Al-Bashir thrived on rifts and conflict, both regional and internal, so much so that what was one Sudan eventually became divided into two.

Kabore said coups are put on trial in a democratic system.

In recent days, rival factions within the security services have battled each other, raising fears of a complete breakdown in order as armed military groups fight for control.

An Egyptian Streets reporter on the ground has described the action unfurling in Sudan: after weeks of sporadic internet access, blocked sites have now returned to function, all pro-government organizations sites have been blocked instead and the city's airport has temporarily shut down amidst the coup events. Most of the oil was extracted from the south, home to a separatist movement.

Omar al-Bashir ís the military. The Hague based the International Criminal Court has also issued arrest warrant for President Al Bashir, who managed escaped one arrest a few years ago in South Africa.

Mr Al Bashir's three decades of rule have been marked by starvation and war, with the country dividing and a new nation, South Sudan, gaining independence in 2011.

Amid reports Sudan's longtime leader has been removed from power, Turkey's president voiced hope Thursday that Sudan will handle its current process peacefully, in a spirit of "national reconciliation".

What is the global community doing?

The African Union condemned the military takeover.

The U.S. embassy in Khartoum issued a statement on Thursday warning conditions in Sudan are still risky despite the "festive" atmosphere following Bashir's ouster. "People from different backgrounds, genders and tribes are on the streets and chant slogans against Bashir and his administration". Typically, Khartoum blamed this on the West, for imposing import sanctions, and failed to admit its own mistakes.

Canada participated in United Nations peacekeeping missions in Sudan's Darfur region and other parts of the country until 2009.

"It is also interesting that armed forces are not necessarily solidly behind these autocrats anymore and perhaps have a longer view", he told AFP.

Trade between the two countries is negligible at $44 million in 2016, including $350,000 in imports from Sudan.

Having amassed power and money through patronage networks, it seems unlikely the security establishment will be willing to share power at present, Jones said.

As the protesters refused to leave, while braving live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas, state media said on Thursday morning that the army would make an "important announcement".

"We have asked for people to continue the sit-in", she said. The depth of these fissures remain unclear.

But the rebel Sudan Liberation Army (SLA-AW) fighting government forces in Darfur denounced what it called a "palace coup".

Defense Minister Awad Ibn Auf appeared on state television to announce the arrest of Bashir, 75, in power since 1989.

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