Pakistan says India preparing military aggression this month

Pakistan says India preparing military aggression this month

Pakistan says India preparing military aggression this month

"We have reliable intelligence that another act of aggression is highly likely between April 16 and 20 by India against Pakistan", he said.

"India's claim that one of its fighter pilots shot down a Pakistani F-16 fighter jet in an aerial battle between the two nuclear powers in February appears to be wrong", read a report posted on Thursday on the website of US-based Foreign Policy magazine.

Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shahe Mehmood Qureshi had earlier said that India is preparing for another attack against Pakistan, claiming that Islamabad has received credible information in this regard. "As per our information this could take place between April 16 and 20", Qureshi told reporters in his hometown of Multan.

He further stated that after consultation with Prime Minister Imran Khan it was chose to share this information with people of Pakistan and the worldwide community.

India added that Pakistan has been advised to use established diplomatic and DGMO channels to share any actionable and credible intelligence it has about imminent terror attacks and warned that it reserves the right to respond firmly and decisively to any cross border terrorist attack.

"I am speaking responsibly, I hold a position of responsibility, and I know the words I utter will be picked up by the global media", he prefaced.

He reiterated the measures taken by Pakistan to defuse the tensions with India arising in the aftermath of the Pulwama suicide bombing on February 14, in which more than 40 Indian paramilitary soldiers were killed. And its objective will be to justify India's offensive against Pakistan and to increase diplomatic pressure against Islamabad, he added.

"Modi has given free hand to the Indian army", he asserted.

The Indian government was quick to reject this claim, branding it "irresponsible and preposterous" and a call for action issued to terrorists, the Times of India wrote.

Indian Defence Ministry's spokesman Lt. Col. Devender Anand said in a statement: "Around 7.30 am, Pakistan initiated the attack violating the ceasefire agreement".

Pakistan in its protest stated that it would retaliate against any aggression by Indian forces.

Amid mounting outrage, the Indian Air Force (IAF) carried out a counter-terror operation, hitting the biggest JeM training camp in Balakot, deep inside Pakistan on February 26.

Pakistan warned Sunday that rival India is planning to launch a fresh military assault against the country, calling for the global community's urgent diplomatic intervention to deter New Delhi from endangering regional peace and stability.

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