Over 100K immigrants apprehended at U.S. border in March

Over 100K immigrants apprehended at U.S. border in March

Over 100K immigrants apprehended at U.S. border in March

"They're coming like it's a picnic cause let's go to Disneyland". A judge this week clipped one of Trump's latest efforts to keep asylum seekers off US soil: an experimental policy - known as Migrant Protection Protocols - requiring migrants to stay south of the USA border until their hearings.

Family separations were the exception before Trump made them the rule. More leaders were likely to depart the agency in a shakeup orchestrated by the White House to address Trump's inability to stem border crossings.

"Obama separated the children, just so you understand". He also discussed smugglers' use of "recycled children" - who after being used to help one set of bogus parents be released are then taken back to Mexico to form another bogus unit and repeat the process.

He challenged reporters in the Oval Office: "The press knows it".

"I'll tell you something, once you don't have it, that's why you see many more people coming", he said. "I'm the one who stopped it", he said.

With the number of migrants crossing the Mexican border into the U.S. at its highest for decades, the measure is one of a range of under consideration, including the reintroduction of the widely criticized child separation policy. The president and Stephen Miller, his hard-line immigration adviser, have long grumbled privately about the secretary's insufficiently brutal approach to the surge in migrant families across the border.

One roadblock is resources. Almost 6 out of 10 were family members.

And because their cases are taking months or years to decide, thousands of migrants are again obtaining work permits, creating another incentive to seek asylum, according to the report.

"Binary choice is not something that's been brought to the White House", the official said.

The White House reportedly wants to force immigrants to pass a more hard credible fear test when seeking asylum so less people make it across the border. She requested funds for more detention beds, medical teams and processing facilities but specified no dollar amounts.

Concerned legislators were also rallying Tuesday to defend Lee Francis Cissna, the director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, whose job was said to be in danger.

Some asylum-seekers affected by the program have told the immigration judge assigned to their cases how much more hard being in Mexico has made navigating the court system. "It's about doing everything possible within the constraints of current law", the official said.

Taken together, in the era of tribalism and identity politics, American public views on many aspects of the immigration issue follow the now-familiar partisan divide.

Immigrant rights activists chided the administration. "Because if they got a little rough, everybody would go insane". Officials have said this typically happened when authorities questioned whether the child belonged to the adult, or if a serious crime like drug smuggling was committed.

Seeborg's decision halting the program will go into effect Friday.

The White House said Tuesday that it will appeal his ruling.

"I hope members of the administration are actually listening", said Sen.

The options were discussed as the government revealed the latest grim numbers from the border.

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