NY Measles Outbreak: Rockland County Emergency Renewed As Cases Grow

NY Measles Outbreak: Rockland County Emergency Renewed As Cases Grow

NY Measles Outbreak: Rockland County Emergency Renewed As Cases Grow

Measles in the United States has climbed to its highest level in 25 years, closing in on 700 cases this year in a resurgence largely attributed to misinformation that it is turning parents against vaccines, according to the Associated Press. They add that this case does not appear to be related to other measles cases in NY state.

The second State of Emergency does not contain the Measles Outbreak Emergency Directive, prohibiting unvaccinated persons from entering indoor places of public assembly which was rescinded.

Dr. Karen Smith, director of the California Department of Public Health, says the state recorded 38 measles cases as of Thursday, versus 11 around the same time past year. Ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities in Rockland County and in Brooklyn account for the majority of those cases. "This is really going around now", said Trump to reporters at the White House.

Washington officials said they were contending with a large number of unvaccinated kids in the "anti-vaxx" community.

She says more than 76% of patients were not vaccinated or didn't receive the recommended two doses of vaccine.

The MMR vaccine protects against measles, mumps and rubella, and is both very safe and effective.

Mr Trump has previously appeared to link vaccines and autism.

"Massive combined inoculations to small children is the cause for big increase in autism", he claimed.

Later that year, he clarified that he isn't against vaccinations, but he felt the shots should be administered over a longer period of time.

A massive measles outbreak is now happening in California, where hundreds of students at UCLA and Cal State L.A. have been quarantined because of the viral infection. Without immunity, nine out of 10 people who are exposed will become infected.

"We are fighting a disease now in 2019 that should have been off the table in the 1960s with the development of the vaccine", he said.

Currently, there is no antiviral drug to treat the measles, adding to the severity of the disease.

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