Grassley 'Very, Very Concerned' About Trump Cleaning House At DHS

Grassley 'Very, Very Concerned' About Trump Cleaning House At DHS

Grassley 'Very, Very Concerned' About Trump Cleaning House At DHS

Nielsen announced her resignation on Sunday after a meeting with Trump in which the two disagreed on the best way to handle border security.

Shortly after Trump made the announcement, Nielsen tweeted her resignation letter. As a health care professional, Underwood attempted to highlight whether or not Nielsen and DHS were aware of the longterm harm the policy could cause.

With media reports that Trump wants to reinstate a policy of separating migrant children from their families at the border, the White House on Monday did not issue a flat-out denial of the allegation.

Nielsen was on the job for roughly a year-and-a-half, replacing retired U.S. Marine Corps general John Kelly - who resigned to become Trump's chief of staff. Other longtime civil servants in agency posts are also on the chopping block, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

Republican Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, criticized Congress for a crisis at the border but also said, "I am concerned with a growing leadership void within the department tasked with addressing some of the most significant problems facing the nation".

Asked by host Tucker Carlson what he would do first if he were put in charge, he said he would deploy thousands of FEMA trailers to border cities or military bases in Texas and Arizona and set up "processing centers" to handle asylum claims, and prevent those living in the US illegally from sending remittances home to Mexico, among other ideas.

Just over 53,000 of the people apprehended were parents and children traveling together, which the Border Patrol refers to as "family units". That Nielsen herself is gone now is maybe of little solace to the families still waiting to see their children again, but at least somebody is now feeling defeated within that administration... we can only hope.

Her relationship with Mr Trump is said to have been hard, although in public she has been unwaveringly loyal to the administration.

The White House's stance is these things are legal.

Morgan said he doesn't believe the White House will resume family separations, but added that immediate action must be taken - even if it risks legal action.

A lot of conservatives are angry at Rep. Ilhan Omar today after she tweeted that Stephen Miller, Donald Trump's senior policy advisor, is a white nationalist.

Both US and worldwide law prohibit the US from refusing entry to people who are in danger of prosecution in their home countries; both US statute and court settlements offer extra due-process protections to asylum seekers, children, and families. Much of its work would focus on content that could be harmful to children or pose a risk to national security.

"Secretary Nielsen's had a rocky tenure. from denying family separations were initially happening to having to justify the "zero-tolerance" policy", said Krish O'Mara Vignarajah, president of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services. "With McAleenan's appointment, Trump now has an acting homeland security secretary, defense secretary, interior secretary and chief of staff", notes Axios.

This makes sense, as even with the Trump administration's ever-revolving door, Miller is one of the few officials not related to Trump, who are racist and sycophantic enough to have stuck around since the very beginning.

It didn't help that Kelly had been critical of Trump in appearances since he left the White House - something Trump held against Nielsen. It includes no deputy secretary, no head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and no head of Customs and Border Protection since McAleenan is moving over.

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