Bernie Sanders pushes back at critics of his new wealth

Bernie Sanders pushes back at critics of his new wealth

Bernie Sanders pushes back at critics of his new wealth

You make more money than I do. In 2014, prior to his first presidential run, he reported an income with his wife of about US$206,000, according to his tax returns. She says tax returns can help voters understand a candidate's values. His Senate disclosure form also showed royalty payments from "We Shall Overcome", a folk album that included Sanders on their cassette tape.

'If I make a lot of money, you make a lot of money, that is what I believe, ' he told his guests. He eventually made his 2014 return public: The document showed he and his wife Jane earned about $206,000 that year, including Social Security benefits.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, a senator famous for his campaign against the unjust power of the richest 1%, released years of tax returns on Monday that showed he is now a millionaire himself.

The returns provide a more detailed look at Sanders' finances than when he ran for president in 2016.

He is still under audit, he is still not releasing his tax returns. "If they don't file a good tax return, that's sort of the bottom line for whether you're qualified to be president or not".

The Sanders campaign said those rates do not reflect charitable proceeds given from one of his books, which he did not deduct from his taxes.

Pressed by Fox anchors as to whyhe not volunteer to hand over a greater proportion of his income, up to the 52% tax rate he proposes, or give more to charity, Sanders said: "I pay the taxes I owe and, by the way, why don't you get Donald Trump up here and ask him how much he pays in taxes?"

"I regularly field calls from people angry with CAP over something Think Progress was written or posted", the official said.

"The orientation of CAP is to positively engage with all political leaders about the country's future", the press release said.

He said that his view has always been that the wealthiest Americans ought to pay more taxes. "So again, I don't apologize for writing a book that was number three on the New York Times best seller, translated into five or six languages and that's that". That year, their adjusted gross income was $1,062,626, and they paid a total of $372,368 in taxes at a 35 percent tax rate.

Before Sanders moved on, he said, 'By the way, this bothers me ...

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of MA, who has also made anti-corruption a key focus of her campaign, reported the next highest income out of the six Democrats who have released at least a decade of returns, showing an adjusted gross income between her and her husband of over $846,000. In 2017, Sanders and his wife reported an adjusted gross income of a little more than $1.1 million from book sales. "Hey, President Trump. My wife and I just released 10 years".

He also complained about a video which noted that Sanders had dropped his trademark denunciation of "millionaires and billionaires" after making his first million, switching instead to "billionaires". The senator and her husband, Douglas Emhoff, a lawyer, reported an adjusted gross income of about $1.9 million in 2018, substantially more than the $142,000 Harris declared in 2004 when she was the district attorney of San Francisco.

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