Eight Former Notre Dame Football Players are in the AAF

Eight Former Notre Dame Football Players are in the AAF

Eight Former Notre Dame Football Players are in the AAF

Nobody really knows, but the AAF took you inside the replay booth with official Terri Valenti for full transparency as she processed the review and made her call. The QB got up and played the next series of downs.

The folks behind the Alliance of American Football agree, and as such, the nascent league will make its debut on Saturday evening.

Maybe people were waiting for more QB hits. Because NFL teams use this period to evaluate needs on their team and how they can construct a financially-viable roster for the following season, they cannot only look at drafting college players to fill position needs, but will perhaps also consider signing AAF players who are having particularly good seasons against almost-as-good competition.

"If I was a player and I wasn't on an active roster, absolutely jump in and play as much as you can play", Stoutland assessed. The only other football we've had is Arena ball, which has had different levels, etc.

In this way, the AAF is increasing the financial viability of football as a career while prepping players for life beyond. The goal of both leagues is to modify some of the NFL rules that seem a little fuzzy and see if that will help speed up the game.

These ratings are going to be harder to brag about when the games are on CBS Sports Network and not in the primetime CBS line-up.

A split broadcast on CBS of two AAF games - Atlanta vs. Orlando and San Diego vs. San Antonio - delivered a 2.1 overnight rating, according to Nielsen data.

I watched the new Alliance of American Football on Saturday night so that you didn't have to. Former Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz is head coach in San Diego, and former MI quarterback Denard Robinson is a running back with the Atlanta Legends.

San Diego quarterback Mike Bercovici had a decent evening, completing 15 of 25 passes for 176 yards, but was sacked six times and threw two interceptions, with his second interception resulting in him being benched by head coach Mike Martz with relief quarterback Philip Nelson in the fourth quarter. It also gives more players a chance to be professional at something they love to do.

Sure, the novelty will eventually wear off. The more you play the more acclimated you become. This looks like minor-league football - but off the jump, it's more exciting than watching minor-league baseball. The first weekend offered something for a football-deprived America one week after Super Bowl 53. When the World Series ends, it's as late as early November and there are no screams for more baseball.

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