Apple abruptly revokes Google’s enterprise certificate

Apple abruptly revokes Google’s enterprise certificate

Apple abruptly revokes Google’s enterprise certificate

Facebook and Google products are among the most popular in the App Store, driving downloads and service fees for Apple's burgeoning Services revenue segment. They asked not to be identified discussing private matters.

Reports surfacing late on Thursday evening said that the functionality of some internal Google iOS apps had been restored, following close work alongside Apple.

Apple said on Wednesday (30 January) it had banned Facebook from a program created to let businesses control iPhones used by their employees, claiming the social networking company had improperly used it to track the web-browsing habits of teenagers. But that still didn't stop Apple from revoking the company's ability to offer employee-only apps for the iPhone ecosystem. Tech blog TechCrunch reported this week that the social media platform Facebook paid about Dollars 20 a month to teens and other users who agreed to download the Facebook Research app.

As Ars reported earlier Thursday, the Developer Enterprise Program allows for iOS apps that remain off the App Store but are locally distributed only. It is now punishing Google, too. Users earn gift cards for sideloading an Enterprise Certificate-based VPN app that allows Google to monitor and analyze their traffic and data, tracking what they watch and what devices they watch it on.

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No public versions of the apps are affected.

While Facebook has been getting all the attention for its covert research app, it's not the only one doing it. Google also had similar experiences, thanks to its Screenwise Meter. "We are working together with Google to help them reinstate their enterprise certificates very quickly", said the statement from Apple to BuzzFeed.

Facebook app for iOS users has been updated to version 206.0, and while it brings under the hood improvements for other iPhone users, it also introduces native higher resolution support. Other apps blocked include a transportation app for Google employees called Gbus, and an app for Google's internal cafe.

"It wasn't "spying" as all of the people who signed up to participate went through a clear on-boarding process asking for their permission and were paid to participate", a Facebook spokesperson informed EURACTIV. It's unclear how this will impact that deal when renewal discussions begin.

On Monday it was revealed that Facebook had used its enterprise access to distribute a market research app to the public, including teenagers.

"All of them signed parental consent forms", added Facebook.

"They have no problem flexing their power with us", he said.

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