US Congresswoman tells crowd 'we're going to impeach motherf*****' Donald Trump

US Congresswoman tells crowd 'we're going to impeach motherf*****' Donald Trump

US Congresswoman tells crowd 'we're going to impeach motherf*****' Donald Trump

Pelosi's comments in an NBC News event Friday underscored how impeachment will continue to be a charged issue for House Democrats as they take control of Congress and weigh whether to pursue the matter - and one that could cause headaches for Pelosi. Pelosi is 78, while Tlaib is 42. "I'm not in the censorship business".

Just the evening of her swearing-in ceremony, the new congresswoman - who happens to be one of the two first Muslim American women elected to Congress - shouted to a crowd, "We're going to go in and impeach the motherf**ker". They are unlikely to get a vote on the House floor, at least for now.

Trump called the comment "disgraceful". "Impeachment is really about the country".

The op-ed, like Tlaib's celebratory speech, demands Trump's impeachment.

For some supporters her in Detroit, Tlaib's comments were a welcome promise.

Worse, Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn't even dare denounce Tlaib's language, merely saying she wouldn't use it and suggesting that the Michigan Democrat's words were "nothing worse than what the president has said". Now, fellow Democrats are rebuking her vulgar remarks, calling them "inappropriate". "And I said baby, they don't becaused we're gonna impeach the motherf--er!" Wisconsin Rep. Ron Kind said. "We can have our differences but we set a higher standard".

Tlaib made other political waves on Thursday, too.

"I think some of our new members probably don't realize that you are always on, that when you are a member of Congress, there's always someone listening", said Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill. "It's a legitimate discussion to have".

Trump also said that her profanity was "highly disrespectful to the United States of America".

Natural Resources Chairman Raul Grijalva noted there was "a lot of emotion around", saying he didn't want to get into the nature of Tlaib's comments. "She ran and won by making this very clear to the voters in her district", McCampbell said. "The fact of the matter is the talk about impeachment has a life of its own and that's going to continue".

Rashida Tlaib was speaking at an event in MI on Thursday afternoon when she made her statement about the president.

Pelosi hasn't ruled out pursuing impeachment, but she's urged her caucus to take a wait-for-Mueller approach.

Congress was re-opened on Thursday amid a government shutdown in the US.

"I think it's a forgivable sin, an outburst of exuberance with her and her supporters, and I think we all need to move on", he said.

The president, who has long fashioned himself as the ultimate victor, told the confidant that he anxious that impeachment, even if he retained office, would be a stain on his legacy.

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