Tory MP Predicts Political Crisis If Theresa May's Deal Is Voted Down

Tory MP Predicts Political Crisis If Theresa May's Deal Is Voted Down

Tory MP Predicts Political Crisis If Theresa May's Deal Is Voted Down

Mrs May, who postponed a vote in parliament on her deal in December after admitting she was set to lose it, said MPs must not let down the people who backed Brexit in a June 2016 referendum.

Lawmakers in the United Kingdom are set to vote Tuesday on May's Brexit plan after she shelved plans for a December vote when it became clear she would lose that vote.

"People's faith in the democratic process and their politicians would suffer catastrophic harm", she will say.

My message to Parliament this weekend is simple: it is time to forget the games and do what is right for our country.

In the event Mrs May's deal is defeated, the European Union is reportedly considering extending Article 50 - the process that triggered Brexit - in order to buy more time to make amendments to the agreement.

May's warning comes after the Sunday Times reported that some lawmakers are planning to seize control of the legislative agenda from the government in an act that would allow Parliament to extend the March 29 Brexit deadline or even overturn the decision to leave the EU.

If a confidence vote failed, he'd be under pressure to back a second Brexit referendum, risking a backlash from the many Labour supporters who voted to leave the EU.

Mr Hunt said that if Mrs May's deal was defeated then there was a real chance of "Brexit paralysis" that could lead to Britain's planned exit being stopped.

The heads of state and government said at a recent summit that the withdrawal agreement, and the contentious backstop that a large number of Tory MPs fear will trap the United Kingdom in a permanent customs union, could be neither altered nor reinterpreted. A narrower defeat and the bloc may look at fresh ways of making the deal palatable to get it across the finish line in Parliament.

Danielle Haralambous, UK analyst at The EIU, says: "Time is simply running out, and we're at a stage where Brexit can probably only happen in late March now in the unlikely event that parliament approves Mrs May's deal on January 15th, or if parliament supports leaving without a deal". Under British electoral law, May's Conservatives would have two weeks following a lost confidence vote to form a new government.

Mr Blackford told the BBC programme: "I think everyone now knows that there is no such thing as a "good Brexit", there's no such thing as a "jobs-first Brexit", as some have claimed".

Elsewhere, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn warned the Prime Minister that he would trigger a vote of no confidence in her Government "soon", as he hinted that Article 50 may have to be extended if his party came into power.

They also gave May just three days to come up with an alternative plan if she is defeated on Tuesday.

Ian Blackford told the BBC's Sunday Politics that Prime Minister Theresa May should not portray her deal as being the only route to avoiding leaving the European Union without a deal in place.

Corbyn declined to say whether a Labour manifesto for a snap election would promise to deliver Brexit, arguing that this would be up to party processes, but strongly indicated his preference would be to depart with a deal that keeps the United Kingdom in a customs union and with access to the single market.

Those opposed to the clause argue it could tie the United Kingdom into the EU's orbit indefinitely.

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