Tomi Lahren's Sexist Attack On Kamala Harris Backfired Spectacularly

Tomi Lahren's Sexist Attack On Kamala Harris Backfired Spectacularly

Tomi Lahren's Sexist Attack On Kamala Harris Backfired Spectacularly

She officially announced her presidential bid on Sunday in her birthplace of Oakland, California, where thousands showed up hoping to catch a glimpse of her in the surrounding streets. She was born to a Jamaican father and Indian mother, who studied together at UC Berkeley while fighting side-by-side for the civil rights of all Americans. As The Guardian noted, if that number is accurate, it would mean that Harris drew an even bigger crowd at her presidential campaign launch than Barack Obama did when he announced his own run for president in IL in 2017 to an estimated 15,000-strong crowd.

"In my whole life I've only had one client, the people", Harris said during her kickoff event in Oakland, her hometown, according to USA Today. Since her announcement, Harris has been criticized for her background as a prosecutor for the District Attorney of San Francisco, and Attorney General of California.

As a lawyer, and a fellow black woman who grew up horrified by the lack of compassion and consciousness within the American criminal justice system, I wholeheartedly identify with Harris' mission to attend law school as a path to become a voice for the voiceless and vulnerable; sometimes, in order to most effectively change a corrupt system, it's best to tackle it from the inside. Kamala Harris is announcing the backing of Iowa Democrat Deidre DeJear as she travels to the early 2020 caucus state Monday. Instead, it shows signs of turning on President Trump's job approval, as well as on questions of identity and immigration.

Harris spoke of the "arrogance of power" demonstrated by Trump and his administration, and warned that "the American dream and our American democracy are under attack and on the line like never before". If elected, she would become the first African American woman president in U.S. history.

Lieu, who is among the most outspoken critics of President Trump, backed his home state senator over a steadily growing field of other Democratic candidates. I ask why she is laughing in homage to the question that Esquire asked annually about Richard Nixon, but I know why she is laughing.

The 66-year-old isn't expected to formally declare his candidacy until sometime in March. Brown's many affairs were also reportedly well known for years by California's political elite, drawing attention to his habit of cronyism among members of his inner circle. While he supported limits on methane and vehicle emissions as governor, he also defended hydraulic fracking and the energy industry in general.

Hickenlooper defended his environment credentials and sold himself as a pragmatist with a record of getting things done by working with both parties. "Here's what I think", Harris suggested.

Jay Yarnell, 67, a retired chemical engineer from suburban Des Moines who serves as a Democratic precinct captain, was one of those who came to see Hickenlooper at the bar. "But I will always speak with decency and moral clarity and treat all people with dignity and respect".

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