Snow moves in Tuesday, bitter cold afterward

Snow moves in Tuesday, bitter cold afterward

Snow moves in Tuesday, bitter cold afterward

Snowfall was also expected in the Dakotas, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota; and in Central Michigan, where a foot (30 cm) or more of snow is expected, the weather service said. O'Hare had delays of about 50 minutes, while delays were about 15 minutes at Midway. With a polar vortex hitting the Midwest, wind chills could dip to 55 degrees below zero in northern IL. Residents are being advised to clear sidewalks and side streets before Tuesday night to avoid the snow freezing in place. Temperatures drop into the mid-to-upper 20s area-wide for morning lows with spotty snow showers during the morning commute. The chill was expected to bring temperatures to extreme lows by Wednesday and last through Thursday.

The weather service says the Rockford area could get colder than the record low of minus 27 degrees (negative 32.8 degrees Celsius) on Wednesday.

But it's the plunging temperatures expected later this week that have forecasters especially concerned. Other airlines reported delays averaging an hour.

Some forecasts Monday were calling for temperatures to drop to minus-29 in Chicago, two degrees below its lowest temperature on record, set on January 20, 1985.

Blizzard conditions were predicted across parts of the western Ohio Valley and snow was expected through Wednesday from the Great Lakes region into New England.

Temperatures are forecast to inch up to a daytime high of about minus 14 on Wednesday - the first subzero high temperature in five years and the coldest winter high ever recorded in Chicago - before dipping, again, to about minus 21 overnight.

The city's Monday afternoon temperatures will stay in the low-20s before dipping back to zero degrees at night, the NWS said.

In Wisconsin, plow drivers were having a hard time keeping up with the snow in Sheboygan. More than 200 flights at Chicago's Midway International Airport were canceled, but only about seven flights were delayed.

The cold should relent Thursday at the earliest - though there is a chance of snow both Thursday and Friday, the NWS said.

The weather service noted that the "harshest conditions" are anticipated from North Dakota to northern IL. In the state of Georgia, which will host the Super Bowl on Sunday, state offices will be closed on Tuesday in more than 30 counties.

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