Putin tells Trump that Moscow open for dialogue

Putin tells Trump that Moscow open for dialogue

Putin tells Trump that Moscow open for dialogue

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a New Year letter to his USA counterpart, Mr Donald Trump, said yesterday that Moscow was ready for dialogue on a "wide-ranging agenda", the Kremlin said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday said that Russia is "open to dialogue" with the United States.

In December 2017, Putin said he hoped to "normalise" relations with Donald Trump but the chances of that evaporated with multiple investigations of Moscow's alleged meddling in United States politics.

Washington this year made the bombshell announcement that it was pulling out of a key Cold War-era nuclear weapons agreement - the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty.

The letter to Trump comes after the president canceled a meeting with Putin in November following Russian Federation opening fire on Ukranian Navy ships and seizing the crews and the boats.

Mr Putin also sent New Year greetings to other world leaders, including prime ministers Theresa May of Britain and Shinzo Abe of Japan, as well as Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Putin wished "well-being and prosperity to the British people", the Kremlin said.

2018 did not prove to be a a very promising year for UK-Russia diplomacy relations after the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia on UK soil.Fingers were pointed towards Moscow but any involvement was denied by them.

The events are believed to be carefully stage-managed to appeal to the president's huge number of supporters in Russian Federation.

"The Russian head of state confirmed that the joint forces of Moscow and Ankara will make a final decision on the fight against terrorism in Syria and the continuation of the process of political regulation", the Kremlin said.

The Year of China-Russia Local Cooperation and Exchange got off to a good start, and the two countries conducted fruitful cooperation to solve major global and regional issues, he said.

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