PUBG is releasing a free-to-play version of the game

PUBG is releasing a free-to-play version of the game

PUBG is releasing a free-to-play version of the game

The PUBG Lite beta now only features the original map, Erangel, and players will be able to participate in Solo/Duo/Squads in third-person perspective. The PC version is resource hungry and requires a computer with meaty specifications to play the game.

PUBG Mobile has been available for free for some time now, so a free-to-play low-spec version isn't a total surprise. The game's publisher recently opened up the beta testing for the new PUBG Lite version of the game.

In brief: The developers behind PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds have announced a dedicated team has been working on PUBG Lite in secret.

PUBG Corp. announced the new PUBG product recently and said it's now available in a beta testing form, though it's only been released in Thailand so far. Despite being graphically cut down, the game will still support 100-player matches with all of the other features from regular PUBG.

"To this end, the PUBG Lite team has focused on balancing lower hardware requirements, without compromising on our quality standards".

If you are excited to try out PUBG LITE on your regular laptop or desktop, you will have to wait. While there is no time frame for PUBG Lite's launch outside of Thailand just yet, it sure is good to see PUBG Corp working on a version for low-end hardware. Will a free PUBG cannibalize the premium version? The website doesn't give a specific date that the PUBG Lite game will go live; it only says "soon". This is expected to make it more accessible, thus bringing more players on-board the PUBG bandwagon.

That said, we can't imagine PUBG Lite will be limited to such a small playerbase for long. The obvious real goal of PUBG Lite is to poach the free-to-play everyone-can-play business strategy from Fortnite, but add the realism and feel that made the Battle Royale genre so popular in the first place.

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