Kurdish troops begin withdrawal from Syria’s Manbij

Kurdish troops begin withdrawal from Syria’s Manbij

Kurdish troops begin withdrawal from Syria’s Manbij

On 19 December, US President Donald Trump announced victory over Daesh* in Syria, adding that the fight against the terrorist group was the only reason the United States remained in the Arab country.

"We're in countries that most people have never even heard about", he said, referring to United States combat deployments, including in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

Graham described those modifications in general terms, as he affirmed, "I've never felt better about where we are headed" in Syria.

Lindsey Graham, a close ally of the President, told reporters at the White House that Trump will reevaluate the withdrawal plan for Syria, although the SC senator told CNN later Sunday that the President had not reversed his Syria orders.

But after saying troops would come home right away, and that the Islamic State group was defeated, he didn't give any specific timetable. "If I stayed in Endless Wars forever, they would still be unhappy!" Theoretically, such oil could be shipped across Turkey to Iran, but Ankara "would never allow it", he said.

Asked about a timeline for withdrawing troops from the country, the president described how he viewed the country and the fighting there. "We're slowly sending our troops back home to be with their families, while at the same time fighting ISIS (Islamic State) remnants", he said on Twitter on Monday.

The immediate reason for Mattis's resignation was Trump's announcement that he's ordering U.S. troops out of Syria.

The prime minister told the press ahead of the meeting-held in Brazil's capital after the inauguration of the country's new president, Jair Bolsonaro-the main topics of discussion was to be with the withdrawal of US troops from Syria and Iranian attempts to establish a military presence in the war-torn country.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., a Trump backer and leading voice on national security and foreign affairs on Capitol Hill, had lunch with the president Sunday and emerged from the White House saying that Trump was slowing down the withdrawal from Syria.

"Now when I start getting out the Fake News Media, or some failed Generals who were unable to do the job before I arrived, like to complain about me & my tactics, which are working", Trump wrote in another post.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, a critic of Trump's decision on Syria, said on Sunday the president had been thinking "long and hard about Syria" and how to withdraw USA forces while maintaining national security interests. "Just doing what I said I was going to do!" the president said.

"Turkey doesn't like them", Trump said.

However the Turkmen have expressed their desire to be set free from the dictatorship of the pro-US Kurds, not by Syria but by Turkey.

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