GOP dismisses suggestion that State of Union be postponed

GOP dismisses suggestion that State of Union be postponed

GOP dismisses suggestion that State of Union be postponed

Pelosi cited security concerns, noting that both the Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security are entangled in the shutdown.

The White House has delivered several offers to Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to end the shutdown, but they have been rebuffed at every turn.

The White House did not immediately respond to Pelosi, but her letter prompted some back and forth between Democrats and Republicans.

Yesterday Speaker Pelosi wrote a letter to President Trump suggesting his State of the Union Address should be postponed.

In her request to Trump, Pelosi recommended that Trump deliver written remarks to Congress as Jefferson once did. In a statement issued to the Daily Caller Wednesday, Don Jr. said Pelosi is terrified his father will get another chance to speak unfiltered about the Democrat Party's obstruction.

"I am proud to shut down the government" as he dug in on his proposal for a border wall, but more recently he has sought to shift the blame to Democrats.

A top House Republican, Louisiana's Steve Scalise (skuh-LEES'), tweets that Democrats are interested only in obstruction. Pelosi was scheduled to take US military transportation, which Mr. Trump has the ability to halt, a senior White House official told CBS News.

The House and Senate have announced they will cancel an upcoming recess week if the shutdown continued, which seemed likely.

"Just moments ago the House or Representatives passed legislation that will ensure that all the dedicated professionals at Custom and Border Protection and all of the agencies affected by this shutdown will be paid in full", he said from the agency's Washington, D.C., headquarters. Since the shutdown took effect, 800,000 federal employees have gone without paychecks, and the institutions managed by furloughed employees have begun to slip into disrepair.

Democratic Reps. Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey, Thomas Suozzi of New York, Vincente Gonzalez of Texas, Anthony Brindisi of New York, Dean Phillips of Minnesota, Max Rose of New York and Abigail Spanberger of Virginia attended the midday White House meeting in the Situation Room.

The meeting with both Democrats and Republicans comes the day after the president invited a group of rank-and-file Republican and Democrat members to the White House for lunch.

Sen. John Thune, a South Dakota Republican and member of GOP leadership, said he didn't know how Pelosi could make such a request.

A bipartisan coalition of lawmakers from the House Problem Solvers Caucus sat down with President Trump at the White House Wednesday as the president continues to demand funding to build a southern border wall as a condition for ending the partial government shutdown, now in its 26th day.

Pelosi is refusing money for the wall she views as ineffective and immoral; Democrats say they will discuss border security once the government has reopened. Democrats, he said, have turned Trump's wall into "something evil" and it's time to get the country off the "political carousel" of the shutdown fight. "They're a little short on the R side", said Sen. He'd think the pressure tactic had worked, and he'd have plenty of opportunities to do the same in the near future, they say. Joe Manchin and Chris Coons are reportedly working on the letter.

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