Federal choose sides with Trump, permitting employees to go unpaid throughout shutdown

Federal choose sides with Trump, permitting employees to go unpaid throughout shutdown

Federal choose sides with Trump, permitting employees to go unpaid throughout shutdown

The Labor Department says that's double the number of federal workers who sought aid in the previous week.

Officials say the rate of airport screeners missing work during the partial government shutdown has stabilized just days before the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, which is likely to mean bigger airport crowds.

The Labor Department's response to Bowser's request Monday fell on the 27th day of the partial government shutdown, the longest in USA history. As of Friday, January 18, 900 federal works filed claims.

Federal employees affected by the government shutdown in West Virginia may apply for unemployment benefits throughout WorkForce West Virginia. Some have been furloughed in a form of involuntary time off, while others are essentially being forced to work without pay.

"When you're a federal employee, you got a whole different set of rules that you're subject to".

Nasser says the state determines the amount of compensation for those who qualify based on the number of wages an employee would have made during the period of unemployment.

While the furloughs only affect federal employees, the collaborative nature of wildland firefighting means the pain of the shutdown is having a ripple effect. "They have to pay for their commute, pay to eat lunch, make sure their kids have childcare and they are getting no paycheck and we think not being able to tap into unemployment insurance is especially cruel", Bowser.

A federal judge won't compel the government to pays employees who've been sent home or furloughed during the government shutdown.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump signed a bill that would provide back pay to the roughly 800,000 furloughed federal employees.

"[The shutdown] may well wash out, but we have a good idea it'll happen again", O'Duden said.

If the state approves an application for benefits, unemployment claimants must certify online each week they are available to work. But that also means those who obtain unemployment benefits to get by in the meantime will have to repay the money.

"How much they receive in benefits depends on how much they were earning before - between $146 and $624 per week", Gerstenfeld said. They said they are "profoundly distressed" by the 28-day shutdown, which is "badly hurting" federal employees in their states and across the country.

Throughout the shutdown, another complicating factor for DES has been its small staff's capacity to handle a surge of unemployment claims from the shutdown as well as the lingering impacts of Hurricane Florence. Some of those numbers have shifted in the past week as agencies such as the IRS have called tens of thousands back to work.

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