Democrats demand TV rebuttal time to Trump's Tuesday address

Democrats demand TV rebuttal time to Trump's Tuesday address

Democrats demand TV rebuttal time to Trump's Tuesday address

Trump has said he's considering declaring a national emergency to circumvent Congress and build his desired wall along the U.S.

The shutdown, now into its 18th day, follows disagreement between the new Democrat-controlled House and the White House over budgeting several government departments whose funding has lapsed. Democrats are refusing to pay for a wall. Pence did not say whether Trump had made a decision or if the White House had completed its legal review of such a declaration.

But on Tuesday, all major networks agreed to air Trump's remarks live.

Asked if he was encouraged by the White House to make his views known, Morgan said no.

- George W. Bush has not discussed the wall with Trump, said spokesman Freddy Ford.

Pence continues to insist Democrats need to come to the table to negotiate, although the White house has not backed down on its demands for more than $5 billion for border wall funding.

But Trump and the Transportation Security Administration pushed back on any suggestion that the call-outs at the agency represented a "sickout" that was having a significant effect on USA air travel. In his tweet, he characterized the situation on the border as a "national security crisis", a description that even some people in his own party reject.

Mr Trump also visited the southern border last March. "If the president hasn't been able to convince the public up until this point, it's hard to see that an address tonight will do the trick".

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., sharply criticized Trump on Sunday for raising that possibility, suggesting in an interview with CBS News that the president "would like to not only close government, build a wall, but also abolish Congress so the only voice that mattered was his own".

This comes after there was no weekend breakthrough to end a prolonged partial government shutdown, with Trump standing firm in his border wall funding demands. Democrats, who now control the House of Representatives, have consistently opposed it, calling it an expensive, inefficient and an immoral way of trying to resolve immigration issues.

Former President Bill Clinton spokesman Angel Urena said Clinton "never said that", adding that "they've not talked since inauguration".

Semantics may provide negotiating room over the impasse, as Democrats appear more amenable to approving money for "fencing" rather than a "wall" and Trump is now saying he would agree to a steel barrier instead of a concrete wall.

"We don't think that's the American way", Hoyer told reporters on Tuesday. The Washington Nationals said season ticket holders who are laid off or not being paid by the federal government could postpone monthly ticket payments until the government is back up and running.

- "I have not discussed the border wall with President Trump, and do not support him on the issue", said Jimmy Carter.

But Democrats have made clear that they object to the wall itself, not what it's made of.

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