Bolsonaro confirms eventual embassy move to Jerusalem

Bolsonaro confirms eventual embassy move to Jerusalem

Bolsonaro confirms eventual embassy move to Jerusalem

"As of yesterday, we experienced terror in Fortaleza", he said.

The Lima Group of Latin American nations plus Canada said on Friday that last year's elections in Venezuela were not democratic and they would not recognize the legitimacy of leftist President Nicolas Maduro's new term starting January 10.

Then he expressed wariness about a multibillion-dollar planned tie-up between planemaker Embraer and U.S. giant Boeing, sending the Brazilian company's shares diving and calling into question his market-friendly campaign rhetoric.

Embraer shares were down more than 5 percent in late afternoon trading.

That is lower than the minimums of 65 years of age for men and 62 for women that were proposed by ex-president Michel Temer.

The political risk consulting firm Eurasia Group called that "his greatest challenge: to construct a working majority in congress to approve much-needed fiscal reforms". It is key to erasing the country's 130 billion reais ($45 billion) public deficit for 2019. Brazilian banks have been lobbying for lower taxation as a way to reduce interest rates for consumers. Brazilian markets soared on promises to shrink government. But tax revenue secretary Marcos Cintra later said that would not be necessary, after meeting with the president. Prison gangs in Brazil are powerful and their reach extends beyond the country's jails.

Two days after he was inaugurated as President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro drew his first move, and it was the one that everyone was frightened of.

With this decision, one that raised a huge storm in Brazil and sparked fears of environmental catastrophe, Bolsonaro also included an executive order that allows the Office of Secretary of State military General Carlos Alberto dos Santos Kruz to coordinate and monitor the activities and actions of global organizations and non-governmental organizations in the national territory.

Jair Bolsonaro, who took office on Tuesday, is a fan of U.S. President Donald Trump and a fierce critic of Venezuela's socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

Since then, Brazil's top leaders, including the generals during Brazil's 1964-1985 dictatorship, have frowned on the idea of having American bases in the South American country.

He added that "the only weighty voice speaking out against me is Iran", the Shiite Islamic republic that is an enemy to Israel and hostile to Arab allies of the United States such as Saudi Arabia.

The deployment was ordered by Brazil's federal Justice and Public Security Ministry, now led by popular former anti-corruption judge Sergio Moro, at the request of Ceara Gov. Camilo Santana, citing the "urgent" nature of the threat. No deaths of bystanders have been reported.

The United States condemned the Russian action at the time.

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