Apple iPhone XR Is Still $94 Cheaper In US After Chinese Discounts

Apple iPhone XR Is Still $94 Cheaper In US After Chinese Discounts

Apple iPhone XR Is Still $94 Cheaper In US After Chinese Discounts

That's according to the Wall Street Journal, which reports that Apple will release three new smartphones later this year, including two OLED models and one LCD-equipped handset, the latter of which will arrive as the successor to the iPhone XR.

This sounds familiar, but the newest features may come in the phones' cameras. The other two new iPhones, meanwhile, will continue to feature a double rear camera setup. Many Android handsets, including Google's Pixel 3 XL, combine hardware and software to produce some of the best photos we've seen from any smartphone.

It is considering a triple-lens camera design for its most expensive new smartphone, while the cheaper model could benefit from a rear dual-lens camera system.

Apple, which slashed its quarterly sales forecast last week, has reduced planned production for its three new iPhone models by about 10 percent for the January-March quarter, the Nikkei Asian Review reported on Wednesday. Alibaba-backed Suning and have both cut its iPhone prices this week, according to Reuters.

The lower end models will each have dual camera lenses, an update for the XR successor. Apple apparently couldn't ditch the LCD display this year because the planning stages are already too far along for this year's releases, making big changes like a swap of the display panel infeasible.

CEO Tim Cook used a TV interview earlier this week to try to reassure investors-and, surely, consumers-that there is "a culture of innovation in Apple". The company is said to be bringing follow-ups to all three 2018 models.

Confirming earlier reports, WSJ sources noted that Apple's 2019 iPhones have already advanced in their development "to a point where major features can not be changed, easily, [although] it isn't completed".

Its XR-inspired model will probably stick with the LED screen from its current range, whilst the others will use OLED screens.

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