Teacher’s Pet subject Chris Dawson arrested over murder of Lyn Dawson

Teacher’s Pet subject Chris Dawson arrested over murder of Lyn Dawson

Teacher’s Pet subject Chris Dawson arrested over murder of Lyn Dawson

On Wednesday police arrested Chris Dawson, the husband of the missing woman, and charged him with her murder.

Detective Superintendent Scott Cook said the 70-year-old was "calm and a little bit taken aback" when arrested on Wednesday morning.

A podcast, The Teacher's Pet, brought global attention to the case this year.

Nearly 40 years after Sydney mother Lynette Dawson disappeared, her husband spent his first night in police custody accused of her murder.

Chris, a former rugby league player and high school teacher, was having an affair with a 16-year-old student when his wife disappeared, a 2003 inquest revealed.

The new evidence helped police "tie pieces of the puzzle together", NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said.

Fuller said authorities have not located Dawson's body, and that finding her remains is "not crucial to finalising the matter", but maintained "we certainly won't give up on that search".

The police chief added: "What is important to me was justice for Lynette Dawson and her family, and today is an important step forward in that".

While appearing at Southport Magistrates Court on Wednesday afternoon, he sat quietly looking at the floor, trembling at times with his shirt visibly shaking as he breathed.

"A team of dedicated detectives has been investigating this case over the past three years", he said in a statement.

He is expected to be charged with Lynette Dawson's murder.

"NSW police will seek an extradition".

In 2015, NSW homicide detectives established Strike Force Scriven to re-investigate the circumstances surrounding Lynette Dawson's disappearance and suspected murder.

"She was trying to prepare herself but nothing prepares you for this", McNally said. "It is my understanding that there were two additional statements were the byproduct of the media and the work that the media has done, but essentially the case rests on the work of Dan Pool and the Unsolved Homicide Squad".

"As a result of the investigation and as a result of information that has come from the public, this week we received wonderful information from the DPP that there was sufficient evidence to prosecute", he says. We have solved homicide before without identifying the body.

Sydney couple Chris Dawson and Lyn Dawson (nee Simms) married in 1970 when they were both 21 years old.

"We've had a cry, we've cuddled, we're just completely over the moon that something has finally happened", he told The Australian.

"We have to also ensure Chris gets due process".

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