Samsung and Verizon Will Release a 5G Smartphone in 2019

Samsung and Verizon Will Release a 5G Smartphone in 2019

Samsung and Verizon Will Release a 5G Smartphone in 2019

"In the next few months, we'll be able to see 5G flagship smartphones that people will be able to buy", said Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon at a company event in Maui, Hawaii. While the company didn't spill a ton of details on the Snapdragon 855 today, it did say that the chipset offers three times better performance than the Snapdragon 845.

Qualcomm plans to unveil more details about the Snapdragon 855 at its Tech Summit conference, which is ongoing this week.

Meanwhile, Apple will not introduce 5G-capable iPhones until 2020, according to a Bloomberg report citing anonymous sources. For the carriers, 5G uses a much broader range of air waves than current systems, including unlicensed spectrum that they don't have to pay for. Notably, Apple and Samsung have been taking a jab at each other by releasing premium phones in the similar price segment, however, right now, Apple is engaged in a legal battle with Qualcomm.

This ultimate mobile technology which allows files to be downloaded at blistering speeds will arrive in 2019 and could change the way consumers use their devices. Not only will this modem be the first available product to support even faster LTE networks, but also will enable true 5G NR mmWave and Sub-6 GHz radio technology. Therefore, in theory, the Snapdragon 855 could be quite a bit faster than the A12 Bionic, but that remains to be seen when devices with it ship in the first half of 2019. The Snapdragon 855 also features the world's first Computer Vision Image Signal Processor (CV-ISP) to deliver new photo and video capture features.

Optical sensors also require the user's finger on a very specific part of the screen to read it.

In order to show the capabilities of 5G Qualcomm processors, Samsung has developed a smartphone prototype, which has a unusual notch at the top right of the screen.

At Day 1 of its tech summit, Qualcomm has led with the one feature that we knew it would.

Another notable feature with the latest SD 855 chipset is the Qualcomm's new 3D Sonic Sensor fingerprint technology. Qualcomm states that them using ultrasound in the 3D Sonic Sensor is more secure and accurate than the alternative.

The Snapdragon 855 likely will launch next year in devices like Samsung's Galaxy S10 and will let all of us do more with our phones than ever before. Its full working is now not out, but we will let you know how it works in the future.

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