Purchases trough Alexa tripled this holiday season

Purchases trough Alexa tripled this holiday season

Purchases trough Alexa tripled this holiday season

Customers worldwide ordered more items than ever from Amazon this holiday season, the company announced Wednesday. Glam Glitter Series Doll, Carhartt clothing items and Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones.

That means best-sellers will likely differ from Amazon when compared to other online websites as its peak gifting period is usually closer to December 18, when compared to Walmart and Target, which is closer to December 10, according to data from Rakuten Intelligence.

Amazon also made sure to tout that their own brands did very well.

After projecting that their operating income to be stagnant to growing minimally as compared to previous year, their stock plunged a shocking ten percent once Amazon reported their third-quarter earnings. Along with the Christmas sales report, the picture seems much brighter than Amazon had initially projected in its latest earnings results. Amazon gave back during the holidays as well. Many feel these new subscribers contributed to Amazon's ability to dominate last-minute online shopping, but that is no different than any other year. Still, Amazon, which dominates e-commerce in the USA, has relied on the growth of its Prime members, who pay $119 a year for the service. Amazon says that Alexa was used three times as much than a year ago for shopping.

The app is from the company called One World Software, which also has two other shady apps in the App Store. UPS expects return packages to hit 1.3 million on January 3. Whole Foods Market, which was recently purchased by Amazon also did well, with the top Prime member deal being turkeys.

One Twitter user posted a pic of a hand-written list of Christmas dinner tasks, adding: "I've switched to contingency mode for reminders!" They have gained about 17 percent this year, compared with an 12 percent decline on the S&P 500. "Alexa, turn on the Christmas tree" was the number one request the assistant received. You can include the millions more Fire TV gadgets, Fire tablets, and Kindle gadgets.

The volume of voice requests from users activating and using their newly acquired devices overwhelmed Amazons servers and led to the device issuing error messages.

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