George H.W. Bush’s funeral and memorial services plan announced

George H.W. Bush’s funeral and memorial services plan announced

George H.W. Bush’s funeral and memorial services plan announced

- Former President George H.W. Bush will lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda next week.

Bush, who months before writing his letter had warned voters to "watch your wallet" with that Democrat Clinton, was self-effacing and personal in his handoff.

Despite his strained relationship with the Bush family, the White House said Trump will attend the state funeral with his wife, Melania. Bush is also remembered as ending the Cold War, though he also invaded Panama and brought America to war for the first time against Saddam Hussein.

On the living room table at Sam Zakhem's Lakewood home, a small bronze statue of former President George H.W. Bush demands attention.

George P. Bush - the "P" stands for Prescott - went to Afghanistan as a Navy Reserve intelligence officer.

The elder Bush's longtime friend and former secretary of state, James Baker, was quoted describing the departed leader's final hours in the New York Times on Saturday.

Zakhem and Bush
Zakhem and Bush

His passing ushers in almost a week of remembrances and tributes in Washington, where Bush will lie in state at the U.S. Capitol following a ceremony there Monday evening.

"Air Force One will be taking myself and a group of our people back to Washington". Funding was set to expire for some federal agencies at the end of the week and Trump had been gearing up for a showdown as he's sought billions for the construction of a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border.

Former Conservative prime minister Sir John Major said: "I feel privileged to have worked with him, and even more privileged that he became a lifelong friend".

"T$3 here was great temptation to move aggressively to make sure we controlled and maintained the enormous success of the collapse of the old Soviet empire", he said. "And I think his career really represents a generation that many Americans now and in the future will consider our country's greatest generation". "Thousand points of light, I never quite got that one". "We wanted to come here and at least respect senior George Bush because he was a great president and a great human being", said Bhoumin Mehta, a well-wisher from Sugar Land, southwest of Houston.

Chris Hill now directs Global Engagement for the University of Denver, but served as the US ambasasdor to Albania during President Bush's term as president.

"Anyone who's ever been around him knows how much he loved his golf and how much he supported it and how much we're going to miss him", Woods added of the former president, whose father and grandfather both served as president of the US Golf Association (USGA).

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