Bahrain ranked 6th regionally in WEF gender gap report

Bahrain ranked 6th regionally in WEF gender gap report

Bahrain ranked 6th regionally in WEF gender gap report

According to the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2018, South Korea's gender gap came at 0.657, . lower than its neighbors including China which was ranked 103rd, and Japan which was placed 110th.

Although the United States made some improvements in gaining greater equality over income and putting more women in senior level positions, those progressions were offset when it came to the health and survival of women, including life expectancy.

The World Economic Forum's latest report on gender equality shows that Sub-Saharan Africa's gender gap has started to widen again.

The research benchmarks 149 countries.

According to the WEF, the global gender pay gap has narrowed slightly over the past year, but the number of women in the professional workplace has fallen.

Trailing Iceland in the global list are Norway (2nd, 83.5 percent), Sweden (3rd, 82.2 percent); Finland (4th, 82.1 percent) and Nicaragua (5th, 80.9 percent), which rose one spot, overtaking Rwanda (6th, 80.4 percent), whose steady multi-year climb has halted for the first time.

"Australia records a slight widening of its gender gap on legislators, senior officials and managers as well as some reversal of progress on wage equality, resulting in a slight drop in rank", the report said.

"The corollary is that the substantial investments made by many economies to close the education gap are failing to generate optimal returns in the form of growth".

In his preface to the report, the founder and executive chairman of WEF, Klaus Schwab, said however that it was critical that men and women participate on an equal footing in the current process of deep societal and economic transformation. Laos, in Southeast Asia, is the closest to achieving parity with women earning 91 per cent of what men are paid.

If you're reading this sentence, you may never live to see the day when women earn as much as men for doing the same work.

Of the 149 countries included in the report, not one saw equal or superior pay for women.

However, the report points out that there are only a limited number of women in leadership roles in the political and economic fields.

Given the depth of the talent gender gap in AI, there is a clear need for proactive measures to prevent a deepening of the gender gap in other industries where AI skills are in increasing demand.

WEF also noted that India continues to rank third-lowest in the world on health and survival, remaining the world's least-improved country on this subindex over the past decade. Also the leader of Iceland has a rating of a to 85.8 per cent closed gap worse than in the previous year (88 per cent). It was the only Asian country in the top 10.

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