SDC 2018: Samsung Innovating in Folding Phones, IoT, Mobile UX

SDC 2018: Samsung Innovating in Folding Phones, IoT, Mobile UX

SDC 2018: Samsung Innovating in Folding Phones, IoT, Mobile UX

The lights on the stage dimmed to deliberately obscure details of the device, and Denison opened it like a book to show a main organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen - which Samsung has dubbed "Infinity Flex Display" - that measures 7.3 inches diagonally.

The device will be available for mass production in a few months. "The experience was reengineered to reduce clutter and distractions, allowing the user to better focus and quickly navigate". Royole and Samsung have unveiled foldable smartphones, while LG and Huawei will soon join the race. As for what's new: The Galaxy J4 Core has 16GB of built-in storage, there is a 3300mAh battery under the hood, and the 6-inch display has a resolution of 1480×720.

The software input, mainly the operating system to be customized for the flexible display is being worked on by Google and its Android team collaborating with Samsung's own team.

"We expect to see foldable products from several Android manufacturers", he added.

"We have achieved significant advancements in AI and IoT, which will be crucial to bringing our connected living vision to life", D.J. Koh, President and CEO of Samsung's IT and Mobile Communications Division, said in a media advisory. And while Galaxy Note 9 owners will not have access to the Android Pie beta program, it looks like Samsung is hard at work to make sure it is able to release Pie in January for its current flagships.

Reporters at the American technology network The Verge, and digital media website Mashable, were among those to get their hands on Royole's FlexPai device at the event in San Francisco.

As shown in the image above, the device is a wallet-like gadget that folds in half.

Bixby started as an intelligent interface, a practical way to use voice to interact with your phone.

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