Now Siri will let you speak to the Google Assistant

Now Siri will let you speak to the Google Assistant

Now Siri will let you speak to the Google Assistant

Apple and Google, and a few others, are locked in a pitched battle to dominate automation through smart assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google's platform.

This new updated version of Google Assistant for iOS will support Apple's shortcut apps and lets its user program a list of tasks to be performed using voice command with Siri. No matter what size your room is, how much counter space you have in the kitchen, or what you need to control, Google Assistant is there.

With the introduction of support for Siri Shortcuts, today Google has made it easier to accesses Google assistant just by saying "Hey Siri" and then followed by "Ok Google". For example, telling Siri "Goodnight Google" will run a routine, such as turning off the lights and locking doors. This means that you can record a phrase such as "Okay, Google", which will open the Google Assistant app on command. Having said that, it does seem a little awkward to see Siri being used like that.

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Google is making use of Siri Shortcuts to bring an nearly handsfree and native Assistant experience to iPhone, something which it has been offering on Android devices for years now.

The shortcut you'll want to set up immediately for the Assistant is one that simply launches the app and triggers its voice recognition.

Taking advantage of Siri Shortcuts, iOS users can now communicate with Google Assistant without leaving Apple's assistant. With Siri Shortcuts, Google is minimizing at least one such limitation.

The process is more complex than usual because it requires several intermediate steps until Google Assistant begins to interpret what the user says.

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