Boeing crash clues spark questions over why plane cleared to fly

Boeing crash clues spark questions over why plane cleared to fly

Boeing crash clues spark questions over why plane cleared to fly

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Wednesday also issued an emergency airworthiness directive on about 250 Boeing 737 Max aircraft after Boeing issued a bulletin to customers of the 737 Max in the aftermath of the Lion Air tragedy. It merely stressed that pilots should follow procedures in the flight manual when encountering erroneous data.

In a statement, Boeing said that in the investigation of the crash of Boeing 737 in Indonesia, it became clear that the accident is due to improper operation of the sensor AOA.

Batik Air passenger Romidi Karnawan told CNN Indonesia that his flight to Jakarta, which was scheduled to take off at around 6pm, was delayed for about an hour.

Going forward, Tjahjano said, the KNKT investigators have to recover the cockpit voice recorder to find out what was happening in the last minutes before the plane crashed into the waters.

The plane is the latest generation of Boeing's workhorse narrowbody aircraft, with more than 200 delivered since it entered service past year and a total of 4,700 orders placed by airlines around the world.

Another Lion Air flight has crashed just a week after one of the company's planes plunged into the sea, killing 189 people.

In a statement November 5, the Indonesian transportation-safety committee called on the U.S. National Transportation and Safety Board and Boeing "to take necessary steps to prevent similar incidents, especially on the Boeing 737 Max, which number 200 aircraft all over the world".

Moments earlier, the pilots radioed a request to return to Jakarta, but never turned back toward the airport, according to Indonesia's safety commission and flight-tracking data. The committee said they were dealing with an erroneous airspeed indication.

The angle-of-attack sensor is meant to measure the angle between air flow and a reference line on the frame or wings so that they maintain lift.

Boeing is involved in the ongoing investigation with the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee and other government authorities into the Lion Air crash and "continues to cooperate fully and provide technical assistance".

Pilots can counteract this for up to 10 seconds at a time by pushing a switch on the airplane's controls.

The directive addresses a potential problem where incorrect angle of attack sensor input can cause the flight control system to send commands to the horizontal stabiliser to push the nose down. In the early days of the jet age, the elevator trim system was linked to several accidents.

The jet reported a discrepancy in its angle of attack sensor during a flight from Bali to Jakarta the day before it crashed.

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