AWS announces new Amazon EC2 instances

AWS announces new Amazon EC2 instances

AWS announces new Amazon EC2 instances

The AWS Ground Station unit will build a network of 12 satellite facilities across the world and start operations next year. "And it is also expensive", he said, adding "space is hard, and getting data to and from orbiting satellites can be even harder".

Earlier today at re:Invent, AWS launched AWS Ground Station, a ground-breaking new service that makes it easy and cost-effective for customers to download and use data from satellites.

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AWS IoT Core Service Delivery Partners develop connected device solutions that are optimized for cost, reliability and performance.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has entered the space services market, announcing a cloud service for satellite operators.

AWS RoboMaker extends Robot Operating System (ROS), which is the most widely used open source robotics software framework, with connectivity to AWS services including machine learning, monitoring, and analytics services to enable a robot to stream data, navigate, communicate, comprehend, and learn.

AWS has helped Guardian get ahead of insurance industry disruption driven by new technology and changing customer expectations, and enabled us to innovate and provide services how, when and where our customers prefer, said Dean Del Vecchio, Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer, and Head of Enterprise Shared Services at Guardian. "And, they will be able to ingest data straight into AWS, where they can securely store, analyze, and transmit products to their customers". Jassy showed a map of the planned locations for the ground stations with South Africa among those highlighted, alluding to the fact that a ground station will likely be located close to the group's planned data centre in Cape Town.

The company also announced a partnership with Lockheed Martin Corp LMT.N , whose satellite receivers would connect directly to AWS Ground Stations to help manage data downloads in real time and meet unanticipated demand.

Executive vice president of Lockheed Martin Rick Ambrose said that his company would develop a network of low-priced ground-based antennas that could help deliver the new service.

"With this new system, the image will be crystal clear and this will be crucial for application in autonomous vehicles", Scott said. Thousands of satellites are orbiting Earth collecting data. "The combination of Lockheed Martin Verge and AWS Cloud will allow multiple satellites to downlink simultaneously, which will increase satellite constellation throughput and reduce latency for our customers". For AWS customers in the government or regulated industries, this includes the AWS GovCloud and Secret Regions that carry the full range of data classifications, including Unclassified, Sensitive, Secret, and Top Secret.

Meanwhile, Lockheed Martin Space has already firmed up plans to integrate AWS Ground Station with its new Verge antenna network.

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