USA pipe bomb suspect claims to be Filipino

USA pipe bomb suspect claims to be Filipino

USA pipe bomb suspect claims to be Filipino

Bomb squads were called to a post office in Atlanta on Monday about a suspicious parcel sent to CNN, just hours before a court hearing for a Florida man accused of sending packages containing explosive material to prominent Democrats. Last week, pipe bombs were sent in the mail to prominent Democratic Party figures like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as to CNN's NY offices.

Sayoc is charged with interstate transportation of an explosive, illegal mailing of explosives, making threats against former presidents and others, making threatening interstate communications and assaulting federal officers. By listing the charges that Sayoc faces in the very next paragraph, the Post insinuated a connection between the president and the mail-bomb spree.

"And they do have a major role to play as far as tone", Trump said.

Steyer has campaigned for months for Trump's impeachment.

A pipe bomb addressed to Soros had already been intercepted, and by Wednesday, after similar bombs addressed to other senior Democratic officials and CNN were also intercepted, McCarthy pulled down the video. He added that Sayoc belongs to a group of men who "have been led to believe, [they] were and are under attack by the likes of Hillary [Clinton] and Michelle [Obama] and all those "feminazis" who've had but one mission: political castration".

Moore, 64, revealed unused footage his camera crew filmed for a documentary about the 2016 USA presidential election and Trump's subsequent presidency.

Last week's bombs were sent to a range of prominent Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, and other frequent targets of Trump's scorn. One of the 14 explosive packages discovered last week was addressed to Biden.

Authorities have not said whether the van seized in Florida was linked to Sayoc.

Sayoc told investigators after he was arrested in Plantation, Florida that the pipe bombs wouldn't have hurt anyone, and that he didn't want to hurt anyone, according to a law enforcement official.

On Sunday, Steyer talked on CNN about the "political violence" that Trump and the Republican Party had created across the country.

Early Friday, Trump appeared to downplay the mail bombs, saying on Twitter: "Republicans are doing so well in early voting, and at the polls, and now this "Bomb" stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows - news not talking politics".

In 2002, Lowy represented Sayoc in a felony case after he was arrested for reportedly threatening to blow up Florida Power and Light if they cut off the electricity to his laundromat. Cory Booker another was sent to James Clapper, a former director of national intelligence; and a third was intercepted before it reached Sen.

Sayoc was previously known to law enforcement officials and has been arrested almost a dozen times in Florida, including a 2002 arrest for making a bomb threat.

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