State and hospitals holding vaccination events as flu season starts

State and hospitals holding vaccination events as flu season starts

State and hospitals holding vaccination events as flu season starts

This includes being exposed to the flu virus before your shot takes effect, contracting a different strain of the virus, or having adverse, flu-like side effects because of the vaccine.

"Contrary to popular myth it can't give you flu because it has no live vaccine".

Dr. Cicely White, a pediatrician with Kaiser Permanente in Spokane, said getting a flu shot can prevent a person from spreading the disease to others, which helps protect vulnerable members of the population, such as very young or elderly Washingtonians.

They found that in larger, crowded cities, the flu season lasted longer, regardless of climate. "And people unfortunately attribute that to the flu shot, when in fact they're not related", he said. So it's critically important that we impress upon folks that it is not just for them. School children from reception class through to year five will get their vaccinations through their school. "Flu vaccines are especially important for those of us as we age who have other conditions which become more complicated: cardiac, pulmonary and kidney disorders, along with cancers and diabetes".

As for children, health official recommend consulting with a pediatrician first.

BORDERERS are being urged to get set for winter and check if they are eligible for a free flu vaccination. "Not every year is going to be a high-severity flu season". It led to 900,000 confirmed hospitalizations.

"This winter, a new vaccine will be available for those aged 65 and over and for children the nasal spray vaccine will be offered to children aged 2-3 year olds and in years reception, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, meaning all children aged 2-9 can be vaccinated".

"Our flu season is usually based on the southern hemisphere's season that is just ending, and in the southern hemisphere, they did not have a bad year this year", Bhardwaj said. "It seems like we're in a better position this year". Even so, the vaccine still helped, Daniel Jernigan, the CDC's influenza division chief, told the Post.

SHS Health Educator Jeremy Garcia said the majority of students treated for the flu at the SHS past year had not received the vaccine. Of those 391 deaths, 290 were people age 65 and older and seven were children under the age of 18. "Vaccines work - they prevent disease and most importantly, they prevent death". Even if someone does catch the flu after getting the vaccine, symptoms are likely to be less severe.

A special high-dose seasonal flu vaccine is once again available for senior residents of long-term care facilities. Its vaccine, created with genetic sequencing and grown with tobacco, can be retrofitted to immunize against nearly any virus so long as its DNA can be obtained. We have information about the adjuvanted vaccine, similarly. Certain types of H3N2 can't be grown in eggs without mutations that make vaccines less effective.

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