Queen Elizabeth's Last Living Corgi Has Died

Queen Elizabeth's Last Living Corgi Has Died

Queen Elizabeth's Last Living Corgi Has Died

Whisper died at Windsor Castle last week after being unwell for several weeks, it is understood.

Willow's passing hit Her Majesty "extremely hard", it was reported at the time, partly because the 14-year-old was the last link to her first corgi, Susan.

Bill's wife Nancy died three years ago and according to reports, she used to look after the Queen's dogs.

The Queen is known for her lovely gaggle of dogs, especially the corgis that have been a constant in her life since she got her first as a gift at 18. It is not known what his cause of death was.

"Whisper was a friendly chap and followed her everywhere", a source tells the Mail.

The monarch had adopted the corgi after owner Bill Fenwick, a former gamekeeper at Sandringham, passed away in January 2017.

The Queen has always been associated with the short-legged dog breed since she first received Susan as an 18th birthday gift from her father, King George VI.

Her Majesty chose to stop breeding corgis five years ago - apparently for two reasons.

Queen Elizabeth II with a corgi in 1970.

All subsequent corgis bred by the Queen have been descended from Susan.

Her Majesty has a long and well-documented history with corgis. These two played the Queens dogs in a Canadian stage play.

Her love affair with the pampered dogs started as a youngster, with King George VI buying Elizabeth and youngster sister Margaret corgis Dookie and Jane in 1933 when the then princess was just seven-years-old. It is noted that the Queen still have two dogs, candy and Vulcan, but they are mestizos Corgi and Dachshund.

The Queen's corgis were said to have ruled the roost in Buckingham Palace and according to the Independent, they were served fish, steak, rabbit or chicken for dinner.

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