President Donald Trump plans to 'SCRAP' birthright citizenship

President Donald Trump plans to 'SCRAP' birthright citizenship

President Donald Trump plans to 'SCRAP' birthright citizenship

Trump had said previously in an interview with Axios that he would end the blanket guarantee via an executive order - something not included in provisions for modifying the USA constitution.

But Mr Trump said he had talked to his legal counsel and was advised he could enact the change on his own, contrary to the view of many constitutional experts.

Further, the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA) of 1952, the basic body of USA immigration law, also says that a "person born in the United States who is subject to the jurisdiction of the United States is a U.S. citizen at birth". It's in the process.

On Monday, US President Donald Trump's sit-down with Politico's Axios on HBO highlighted his thoughts on birthright citizenship and knowledge of his presidential power.

President Trump's idea to modify the 14th amendment, denying citizenship to children of undocumented migrants, won't work, said Attorney Elliott Kanter.

The concept is based on jus soli - "right of the soil" - meaning that any child born in the USA has a claim to citizenship, even if their parents lack legal documentation to be in the country.

The interview was released after Trump told Fox News that Central American migrants who are approaching the U.S. -Mexico border in caravans are "wasting their time" and vowed, "they are not coming in".

"No matter how much he may want to appeal to the alt-right, President Trump can't alter the Constitution through executive order".

For decades, being born in the US meant you were an American citizen.

Some conservatives have argued that the 14th Amendment was originally meant to grant citizenship only to children born in the United States to lawful permanent residents, pointing to the fact that birthright citizenship was not extended children of undocumented or temporary immigrants until the 1960's. Birthright citizenship allows any baby born on US soil to automatically be a USA citizen.

He said: "You can definitely do it with an act of Congress".

Birthright citizenship is the law of at least 30 countries, including numerous U.S.'s neighbors in North and South America.

Trump has also announced he is sending more than 5,000 soldiers to shore up the US-Mexico border, but they will likely be limited to support activities as they are legally barred from conducting law enforcement operations in the United States. "We didn't like it when Obama tried changing immigration laws via executive action".

This is a principal adopted by many countries around the world and is held within the United States constitution, which forms the basis of the entire government.

"When they are captured, we don't let them out", Trump said.

Trump: "With an executive order".

However, critics are saying the practice stems from a misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment.

The revoking of birthright citizenship was on Trump's agenda also while he was campaigning for the presidential election. "At the very least it would have to be statutory through Congress", he said. When he decided the Obama administration's executive order about a path to citizenship for children brought into our country illegally was illegal, Trump asked Congress with acting.

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