New Google phone to test Apple

New Google phone to test Apple

New Google phone to test Apple

Other specs of Pixel 3 XL are going to be almost identical to those of the Pixel 3, like previous years.

Google is tipped to launch a slew of new products. As for the price, in the United Kingdom, the Pixel 3 will cost £739 with 64GB storage and £839 with 128GB of storage.

Though the upcoming Pixel 3 devices have leaked before their official launch. Google will definitely throw in some new camera features made possible by software as well.

Google has finally unwrapped the Google Pixel 3 and this was one phone that got the lion share of the leaks this year.

The Google Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL could be quite similar smartphones with several common features and specifications. However, the Pixel 3 comes with Google's Android 9.0 Pie out-of-the-box, the company has already rolled out Android Pie update to older Pixel devices as well. Both new Google smartphones are so far found to have multiple colour options, including Black, White, and a suspicious "Sand" variant that could be close to the Pink colour. For the camera specs, they both feature a 12.2 MP camera at the back and an 8MP + 8MP at the front. I can go on and on about the Pixel 3 XL camera. The rear of the devices could have a single 12MP unit. With the Slate, Google appears to be unveiling a new Chromecast, wireless charger, and of course, its third generation Pixel phones.

Based on a leaked marketing image of the Pixel Slate, it seems that this tablet's keyboard will latch on the bottom right and left corners of the display. It features all the same music-playing and smart home connectivity of the regular Google Home, including the ability to set routines that can be triggered with a keyword or phrase, but also adds full support for video on YouTube.

A second selfie camera could also give users the ability to take better, and wider, selfies.

Although there's very little information on the megapixel count and sensor of the rear cameras, renders show that the front of the phones will feature dual cameras. The Pixel Slate will also have a detachable keyboard accessory, transforming the tablet into a capable work machine.

The connection to the keyboard is via a small 4-pin connector, and a touchpad is not missing to control the cursor. This activates the Google Assistant by squeezing the sides of the smartphone. Moreover, it can easily fold, which transforms the tablet into a laptop.

The cover picture shows the Google Pixel C. Icons visible on the screen include a back button and a centralized icon dock at the bottom. The device will be featuring 16 GB of RAM and it will be powered by Intel Core i7 processor.

The new Pixel phones are expected to follow the trend of expanding the phone screen almost to the edges of the device.

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