Magnitude 5.9 quake hits Haiti, at least 11 dead

Magnitude 5.9 quake hits Haiti, at least 11 dead

Magnitude 5.9 quake hits Haiti, at least 11 dead

Four people were killed in and around the town in farther south, including a woman who died from a heart attack suffered after the quake.

Local newspaper Le Nouvelliste stated that one person was killed when an auditorium collapsed in the town and detainees were released from a damaged police holding cell.

The US Geological Survey said the epicentre of the aftershock was located 9.8 miles (15.8 kilometres) north-northwest of Port-de-Paix, the city hard hit by Saturday night's 5.9 magnitude quake.

"I am in constant contact with the PM Jean-Henry Ceant, who is coordinating the relief operations", Moïse said on Twitter.

A strong aftershock sent panicked residents fleeing into the streets on Sunday - hours after a 5.9-magnitude natural disaster killed at least 12 people along Haiti's northwest coast.

Rescue workers reported the collapse of part of a hospital in Gros-Morne and an auditorium as the quake hit on a rainy evening.

Haiti's civil protection agency said Port-de-Paix, Gros-Morne, Chansolme and Tortuga were the worst hit areas. Its epicentre was about 19 km northwest of the city of Port-de-Paix, the United States Geological Survey had said. It was 7.3 miles (11.7 kilometers) below the surface. Reuters could not immediately confirm the report. Overall, around five million people were displaced by the quake when it struck the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

Authorities said more than 100 people were also injured when several buildings collapsed.

Haiti President Jovenel Moise said on Twitter Sunday that civil protection brigades were working to clear debris.

Impoverished Haiti, where many live in tenuous circumstances, is vulnerable to earthquakes and hurricanes.

In 2010, a vastly larger magnitude 7.1 quake damaged much of the capital and killed an estimated 300,000 people.

Longer-term reconstruction has been hampered by lingering political chaos in the nation of almost 11 million people, and by a deadly cholera epidemic introduced by infected Nepalese UN peacekeepers sent in after the quake.

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