Germany may suspend arms deals to punish Saudi Arabia as Trump refuses

Germany may suspend arms deals to punish Saudi Arabia as Trump refuses

Germany may suspend arms deals to punish Saudi Arabia as Trump refuses

Saudi Arabia finally admitted Friday that its agents killed Khashoggi after he entered the consulate on October 2, but is denying that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman or King Salman were involved.

Mr. Khashoggi, a USA resident who fled Saudi Arabia a year ago, was an outspoken critic of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Separately, the SPA also reported that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz made a telephone call to Mr Salah Khashoggi, in which the prince expressed his condolences to Salah and his family on the death.

Merkel appeared dubious of Saudi Arabia's claims that Khashoggi died due to a rogue operation gone wrong, telling reporters in Berlin on Sunday, according to Politico, that there was an "urgent need for further clarification".

Videos have emerged of a Saudi suspected of being behind Jamal Khashoggi's murder walking around Istanbul in the journalist's clothes shortly after he was last seen.

"I agree with all those who say when it comes to our already limited arms exports [to Saudi Arabia] that they can not take place in the current situation", Merkel said, according to AFP.

The reports by CNN and a pro-government Turkish newspaper came just a day before Prince Mohammed's high-profile investment summit is to begin in Riyadh and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has promised that details of Khashoggi's killing "will be revealed in all its nakedness".

Khashoggi, a United States resident and Washington Post columnist, disappeared on October 2 after he walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to obtain documents for his upcoming marriage to Hatice Cengiz.

A longtime USA critic of Saudi Arabia says he feels certain that Crown Prince Mohammed directed the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The Kingdom denies that the crown prince was involved. Turkish sources say authorities have an audio recording purportedly documenting Khashoggi's murder.

"Nothing can justify this killing and we condemn it in the strongest possible terms", Germany, Britain and France said in their joint statement yesterday.

Saudi authorities have said Khashoggi died in an "altercation" with Saudi officials at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on October 2.

There was no immediate comment from the White House, which has emphasized Saudi Arabia's status as a key USA ally.

U.S. congressional leaders said the Gulf kingdom should face severe consequences for Khashoggi's murder.

Jubeir was the first senior Saudi official to speak on the record on the matter after Saudi Arabia admitted on Saturday that Khashoggi was dead.

Saudi Arabia, in shifting statements, initially claimed no knowledge of his whereabouts, then claimed Khashoggi was unintentionally killed in a fistfight at the consulate.

"Khashoggi refused Prince Mohammed's offer out of fear he would be arrested and killed if he returned".

On the day of Khashoggi's disappearance, 15 other Saudis, including several officials, arrived in Istanbul on two planes and visited the consulate while he was still inside, according to Turkish police sources.

"I am not satisfied until we find the answer". "So let's hope that the world would deal with the political crisis, including the one with a Saudi citizen in Turkey, with wisdom", he said.

He told journalist he knew Saudi Consul General Mohammad al-Otaibi, who left Turkey for Riyadh last week.

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