Fans thrilled with female Dr Who premiere

Fans thrilled with female Dr Who premiere

Fans thrilled with female Dr Who premiere

Jodie Whittaker, who plays the first-ever female Doctor on Doctor Who, made her debut Sunday night as season 11 of the BBC classic series began (read our review here).

"I grew up as a fan of comic books", he says, adding, "this is the victory, the geek has inherited the earth".

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Jodie Whittaker seems to be recovering from regeneration a lot more quickly than Peter Capaldi did, so we probably won't spend more than this past episode on amnesia.

While The New York Times said the first episode did not pop as much as previous seasons had, Lucy Mangan in The Guardian said the episode revived a show that had become to complex and self-involved.

She delivered the requisite post-regeneration comedy easily, and expertly portrayed a Doctor who knows everything and knows nothing at the same time. So I felt as if I was continually trying to discover things and I suppose settle in.

Well, you'd better get used to it, lads, because Ms Whittaker is here now and she's absolutely wonderful.

But this isn't the first time that Americans have been stumped by Whittaker's native accent.

While dyspraxia is little-displayed on screen, many viewers praised how the disability was represented through Ryan, who is played by Tosin Cole. The Doctor Who Barbie can be purchased for $49.99 from and other outlets. They're off kilter, walking on baby legs as they discover the new aspects of themselves.

In a country where over three times as many boys as girls study high school physics, and a 2014 survey revealed that some girls do not take physics because they think that boys are better with numbers, I find it hard not to see the selection of a female doctor as the greatest science communication opportunity of my lifetime. She nails the character and immediately re-energises a series that was in danger of disappearing into its own black hole.

Doctor Who will be available on ABC iView on Mondays at 5.45am AEDT, from October 8, immediately after the United Kingdom broadcast.

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