'Another Suspicious Package' To CNN Is Intercepted In Atlanta

'Another Suspicious Package' To CNN Is Intercepted In Atlanta

'Another Suspicious Package' To CNN Is Intercepted In Atlanta

Another suspicious package addressed to CNN was intercepted in Atlanta, Georgia Monday. The Time Warner Center in NY, where CNN's NY operation is located, was evacuated on Wednesday after a suspicious package turned up there.

CNN's NY bureau was targeted last week with two apparent mailed explosives, which authorities believe were part of a string of 14 suspicious packages sent to public figures and well-known Democrats across the country.

On Monday, following the interception of the suspicious package in Atlanta, Zucker said the same protocol would have applied in that incident.

The statement sent via the agency's Twitter account confirms the announcement earlier in the day by CNN President Jeff Zucker, who said a suspicious parcel being sent to the network had been intercepted at an Atlanta post office. Another package was delivered to the cable network's NY offices last week, causing an evacuation.

If it is found to contain an explosive device, it would be the 15th mail bomb - and the third to CNN - of a wave addressed to prominent Democrats and critics of US President Donald Trump, allegedly by a Trump supporter in Florida. We don't know to whom it was addressed to at this point.

Sayoc was due to appear in court in Miami later on Monday.

The FBI was notified of a suspicious package at an Atlanta postal facility on Monday.

As a result of Wednesday's package, all mail destined for CNN's United States offices is now being screened first at off-site facilities. Sayoc was arrested Friday in Florida after investigators said they linked him to the packages through fingerprint and DNA evidence. Authorities have not yet made any formal connections to the other packages.

Authorities say Sayoc faces more than 50 years in prison if convicted on all charges.

The news network said FBI is investigating the package. He is being prosecuted in NY, so his Florida hearing will likely be brief and process-oriented.

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