Woodward on Trump: Explosive claims in the latest White House tell-all

Woodward on Trump: Explosive claims in the latest White House tell-all

Woodward on Trump: Explosive claims in the latest White House tell-all

Woodward easily catches Trump out in that lie, leading Trump to breezily move on while reminding Woodward that "nobody's ever done a better job than I'm doing as president".

Colbert also used a quote in which, Woodward wrote, Mattis said Trump, "had the understanding of - "a fifth- or sixth-grader" for a gag featuring a photo of comedian Jeff Foxworthy and Trump with the text, "Are You Smarter Than the President?" - a reference to Foxworthy's game show "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?"

In most of Woodward's now annual doorstops-God, the man writes with a spray-can-you can tell who the folks are who deal the juiciest material.

"Let's [expletive] kill him".

"I'm a Southerner, people can judge my intellect, my IQ, by my product and what I produce rather than what somebody else says", Sen.

According to the book, Kelly was said to be so incensed by Trump's behaviour that he privately described the president to other aides as an "idiot" and complained that they were in "Crazytown". When Trump tells Mattis he wants Assad killed, Woodward reports, Mattis promises that he'll get right on it before telling his staff that they'll pursue no such thing.

Mattis called the book "fiction", and Sanders denounced the tome in a statement as "nothing more than fabricated stories, many by former disgruntled employees" without disputing any of the specifics that have been reported in excerpts. "Do you think that was a mistake, not going out of your way to sit down with him, judging by what he put out there and the president doesn't get his own side of the story out?"

During his comments Wednesday, Trump also claimed that the release of Woodward's book was timed to coincide with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing.

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The book claims that at one point, Trump's then-personal attorney John Dowd felt he had to convince Trump that he would commit perjury if he talked to Mueller. He added that the author "never called me".

The president's former lead personal attorney, John Dowd, is quoted in graphic language referring to Trump as a "liar" who will end up wearing an "orange jump suit" if he gives testimony to special counsel Robert Muller, who is looking into ties between the 2016 Trump election campaign and Russian Federation.

Mr Dowd, in a statement, said "no so-called "practice session" or "re-enactment" took place, and denied saying that Mr Trump was likely to end up in an orange jumpsuit. Some White House officials expressed surprise at the number of erstwhile Trump loyalists willing to offer embarrassing stories of the president and his inner circle.

Mr Trump's erratic instincts and lack of curiosity about national security issues have alarmed senior foreign policy advisers, according to Mr Woodward's book.

Among his other revelations: former top economic adviser Gary Cohn stole a letter off Mr Trump's desk that the president planned to sign that would withdraw the United States from a trade agreement with South Korea. Trump has always been thus, and Woodward's book is the latest confirmation of that reality.

Mr Wolff's book attracted attention with its vivid anecdotes but suffered from numerous factual inaccuracies.

Bob Woodward is a titan of American journalism, as he is one half of the famed "Woodward and Bernstein" duo who helped bring down Richard Nixon.

The book is being released after former "Apprentice" contestant Omarosa Manigault Newman published an expose on her time in the West Wing. He's repeatedly painted as at odds with his closest officials, some of whom denied the book Tuesday.

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