Trump, without evidence, accuses social media companies of election meddling

Trump, without evidence, accuses social media companies of election meddling

Trump, without evidence, accuses social media companies of election meddling

Larry Page, CEO of Google parent company Alphabet, opted not to join his peers - Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey - at election security hearings before the Senate Intelligence Committee Wednesday, sparking the committee members' bipartisan wrath.

Conservative Republicans in Congress have criticized social media companies for what they say are politically motivated practices in removing some content, a charge the companies have repeatedly rejected. USA intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 campaign with the aim of tilting the election in Trump's favor, a finding that Moscow has denied.

He said Twitter is committed to rooting out abusive activity and "hostile foreign influence". "The actions we've taken in response - beginning with the steps Facebook's General Counsel, Colin Stretch, outlined to this Committee previous year - show our determination to do everything we can to stop this kind of interference from happening".

Facebook fell 1.6 percent and Twitter 5.2 percent.

Facebook's chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg will also face questions, mainly surrounding what her company has done to crack down on abuse and other forms of content created to mislead.

The Twitter CEO will be facing the US Congress in another session separate from the hearing with Google and Facebook executives.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has at times favored allowing far-right personalities such as Infowars' Alex Jones and white nationalist leader Richard Spencer on his social media platform, despite objections from some of Dorsey's staff.

The statement from Dorsey released by a House panel covered questions about foreign influence operations on social media as well as accusations of political bias.

The later hearing before the House Energy and Commerce Committee was to focus on bias and Twitter's algorithms. Some Republicans, including President Trump, have pushed the idea ahead of the elections that Twitter is "shadow banning" some in the GOP because of the ways search results have appeared.

Instead, an empty chair, complete with a glass of water, joined Sandberg and Dorsey on the dais. "It violated the values of our company and of the country we love", Sandberg said in her written statement, which Facebook shared with Fortune.

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