No ‘political necessity’ to keep Canada in NAFTA deal

No ‘political necessity’ to keep Canada in NAFTA deal

No ‘political necessity’ to keep Canada in NAFTA deal

"I love Canada, but they've taken advantage of our Country for many years!"

Free Trade deal, a predecessor to NAFTA, after similarly hard bargaining.

Trump went on to blame the agreement, which went into effect in 1994, for costing the US "millions" of manufacturing and other jobs over the course of two decades.

The consultations took place after Canadian and American negotiators failed to reach a deal by Friday's deadline amid reports that Trump had said he would not compromise at all to get a deal with Canada. They also announced that they would resume talks on Wednesday after four days of intense negotiations in Washington ended without a final agreement.

"We are looking for a good deal, not just any deal", Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland told reporters earlier this week.

Sources also confirmed to Global News on Friday that Canadian officials confronted their American counterparts during trade talks about remarks allegedly made by Trump saying the possible NAFTA deal with Canada would be "totally on our terms". The deal would then not be a reworked version of NAFTA, but a bilateral U.S. -Mexico trade deal.

Talks to keep Canada in the trade bloc will resume this week as the two countries try to resolve thorny issues including Canada's dairy market and US efforts to shield drug companies from generic competition.

"We will only sign a deal if it is a good deal for Canada", Trudeau said Friday, according to the Star.

The decades-old trilateral trade agreement, which was first signed in 1994, has been a frequent target of Trump, who has criticized large trade deficits the US has with Mexico and Canada, as well as the relocation of American jobs and companies. Even the Vat Tax was not accounted for.

It's unclear where Canada and the USA stand in negotiations and whether NAFTA talks could soon come to a close. We were far better off before NAFTA - should never have been signed.

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