IPhone XS in UAE: Fans ready to shell out more

IPhone XS in UAE: Fans ready to shell out more

IPhone XS in UAE: Fans ready to shell out more

Apple CEO Tim Cook lauded the iPhone X as the company's "best-seller".

This accessory costs just $9 and Apple is charging not just a premium for the iPhone Xs Max, but customers will have to head out and purchase the adapter as well as a fast charger.

The XS Max - which retails for as much as $2369 for a 512GB handset - and the XS model are on sale from Friday in 30 countries.

iPhone XR will not have 3D touch but it does get 120Hz touch responsiveness, True-Tone and tap-to-wake on an LCD. This year, the release schedule is reversed with the two OLED models, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max launching today, and the LCD sporting iPhone XR scheduled for release on October 26th. Likewise, buyers will have to shell out Rs. 1,09,900, Rs. 1,24,900, and Rs. 1,44,900 for the 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage options of the iPhone XS Max, respectively.

Apple has begun shipping the first wave of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max smartphones to customers, and the former has already been disassembled (complete with video footage).

There's one other category of people who should buy now: those who want all the iPhone Apple will sell.

Another significant revelation worth noting is that all three of Apple's 2018 iPhone models sport additional RAM memory in comparison to their direct predecessors.

The iPhone XR offers an all-screen design that looks very similar to the flagship XS. But that's for a phone priced at $699, well below either the iPhone XS Max or the $999 iPhone XS.

It was only previous year that they moved to OLED displays with the iPhone X. Whereas Android flagships have them for quite sometime now.

The iPhone XR is the new budget iPhone, customers can possess. If you miss the old days when a phone could fit in a pair of skinny jeans, hunt down a 4-inch iPhone SE.

Of course, Apple could be factoring in the bold battery performance improvements iOS 12 has to offer, but only time will tell how the iPhone XS truly compares to its predecessor through day-to-day usage and testing. It has a 6.4-inch screen, a stylus, an iris reader, and even the ability to plug in a keyboard, mouse and desktop-sized monitor.

There's something magical about new iPhones that can make their fans forget about sleep.

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