Facebook may finally be ready with its competitor to Amazon's Echo Show

Facebook may finally be ready with its competitor to Amazon's Echo Show

Facebook may finally be ready with its competitor to Amazon's Echo Show

Facebook is pervasive. In the span of a few years, it already plays a key role in our daily lives. Of course, to make use of it you will need at least one 2nd gen Amazon Echo (£90).

With the power to gain data from billions of users worldwide, the social network is vulnerable to data misuse and abusive content.

Amazon is rolling out a new home security feature to its Echo devices, called Alexa Guard. It allows you to talk to Facebook at home. To know what is happening with other smart devices in a home, the Echo speaker needs to be connected to them. However, Facebook's device will come with the extra and creepy functionality of tagging users with the help of facial recognition.

The device also features integration with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, and users will be able to use Portal for other tasks such as watching videos or playing music.

"We've been making tremendous progress in the automotive space, working with automotive companies to build skills or directly integrate Alexa into new vehicle models or accessories", Amazon said in a statement "We think people driving these cars want to use Alexa too, and that's why we built Echo Auto". After all, a device that can listen to you inside your home all the time should cause some concern.

Facebook готується запустити власний смарт-пристрій

Portal reportedly is the result of a development Facebook Building 8, secret center of research and development for hardware projects. As part of an extended tie-up, Echo devices are now enabled with voice and video calling through Skype where using can be outgoing calls and receive incoming ones. The new Ring-branded Stick Up Cam security camera is going to retail for US$180 and will be compatible with Alexa voice controls down the track.

Developers have installed a "privacy shutter" covering the device's camera to reduce fears about privacy. These events stacked up the reasons why some customers are hesitant to add a Facebook device in their home.

The updated version adds a larger, three-inch neo-dymium woofer and increased back volume, giving a stronger bass and clearer mid and high tones. Also, Facebook promised that Facebook friends will not be suggested as matches.

Echo Link and Echo Link Amp: The Echo Link comes with a 60W two-channel amplifier and offers both digital and analog connectors.

The small version of Portal will cost somewhere around $300 while the bigger device will be priced at $400.

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